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This page includes an on-line museums collection and other web servers pointing at museums in Romania.

Please contact Irina Oberländer-Târnoveanu if you have relevant on-line information about museums and collections in Romania.

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Romanian Museums

[in Romanian]

* Museums and Collections in Romania - on-line national database (753 records and 800 images); searchable either by museum main profile or location (county, locality).
It is included in the largest Romanian Cultural Heritage Resource: the Web site of the Institute for Cultural Memory (CIMEC) in Bucharest. (also in English)

* Virtual Museum of Traditional Architecture in the Romanian Open Air Museums - on-line national database
Over 1450 buildings in 17 open-air museums, searchable either by museum, ethnographic area, ethnical group or county. Updated regularly.

Museums are listed alphabetically in geographical order (starting with the Capital City of Bucharest).

Bucharest City

  1. "Grigore Antipa" National Natural History Museum, Bucharest (in Romanian)
  2. Romanian Literature Museum, Bucharest
  3. * National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest.
    Romanian and universal art collections, paintings, sculpture, graphics, oriental art.
  4. National Military Museum, Bucharest. (in Romanian)
  5. Museum of Romanian Peasant, Bucharest , winner of European Museum of the Year 1996/
  6. ! 'Dimitrie Gusti' National Village Museum, Bucharest (in Romanian)
    Open air museum of traditional architecture.
  7. National History Museum of Romania, Bucharest (in Romanian)
  8. Museum of National Bank of Romania, Bucharest (in Romanian)
  9. ! Railways Stations
  10. ! Steam Locomotives Museum
  11. ! The Technical Museum "Dimitrie Leonida"
  12. National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest
  13. ! The Museum of Bucharest City
  14. The Old Court Museum
  15. "Victor Babeș" Museum
  16. "Admiral Vasile Urseanu" Observatory of Bucharest
  17. The Philatelic Museum
  18. National Geological Museum - (in Romanian)
  19. Minovici Museum of Ancient Western Art
  20. Theodor Aman Museum
  21. Romanian Air Force Museum
  22. Fireman National Museum
  23. "I.L.Caragiale" National Theatre Museum

Alba Iulia

  1. National Union Museum


  1. Arad County Museum (in Romanian)
Baia Mare
  1. Maramures County Museum - a new web site at 100 years since the foundation of the museum!
  2. Maramures County Museum - Etnographic Department (in Romanian)
  3. Mineralogic Museum Baia Mare


  1. "George Bacovia" Memorial House


  1. "Vasile Pârvan" Museum


  1. "George Coșbuc" Memorial House


  1. ! The Ethnographical Museum of Brașov
  2. ! Memorial Museum "Muresianus' House" (see also in Francais or Deutsch)


The Museum of Brăila

Bran, Brașov county

  1. Bran Castle Museum

Brebu, Prahova county

  1. Princely Manor from Brebu, Prahova County (in Romanian)

Campina, Prahova county

    1.   ! "B. P. Hasdeu" Memorial Museum

  1. National History Museum of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca
    The largest collections of archaeology, history and numismatics in Transylvania.
  2. National Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca
    Romanian art collection hosted in a baroc palace.
  3. Vivarium of "Babeș-Bolyai" University
  1. National History and Archaeology Museum - Constantza (in Romanian)
  2. Histria
  1. Museum of Oltenia
  2. Craiova Art Museum

Cucuteni, jud. Iași

  1. The Archaeological Park of Cucuteni

Deva, jud. Hunedoara

  1. ! The Deva Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilisation


  1. ! Complexul Monumental - Muzeal "Curtea Domnească"

Drobeta Turnu Severin

  1. ! Museum of Iron Gates Region

Florești, jud. Giurgiu

  1. !Ethnographic and Folk Art Museum

Focșani , jud. Vrancea

  1. The Museum of Vrancea


  1. The Museum of Visual Arts

Golesti, Arges county

  1. ! Golesti Museum Complex. Open Air Museum, Golesti, Arges county (in Romanian)
  1. The Iron Museum, Hunedoara (in Romanian)


  1. The County Museum Ialomița

  2. Maia - Catargiu Foundation of Art and Religious Culture


  1. "Moldova" National Museum Complex in Iassy
    Collections of art, archaeology, history, ethnography, science and technology - four museums in one.
  2. The "Ștefan Procopiu" Museum of Science and Technology in Iassy (in Romanian)
  3. The "Poni - Cernătescu" Museum in Iassy (in Romanian)
  4. Romanian Literature Museum, Iassy
    Illustrated pages about writers from Iassy, memorial houses in Iassy, Ipotesti and surroundings.

Ipotești, Botoșani county

  1. The Ipotesti Memorial - "Mihai Eminescu" National Centre of Research

Miercurea Ciuc

  1. Miercurea Ciuc Museum


  1. The NeamțCounty Museum Complex(Complexul Muzeal Județean Neamț)


  1. The " Țării Crisurilor" Museum


  1. Clocks Museum, Ploiesti
  2. Prahova Natural Sciences Museum, Ploiesti (in Romanian)
Ramnicu Valcea
  1. Valcea County Museum, Ramnicu Valcea
    Historic, art, etnographic and archaeological collections.
  1. History Museum, Roman (in Romanian)
    History and archaeology collections.
  1. * ASTRA National Museum Complex, Sibiu see also Previous Web site
    Open Air Museum with the best Romanian collection of wind and water mills, museum of Transylvanian civilization, "Franz Binder" world ethnography collection.
  2. * Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu
    One of the largest art, natural science and archaeological collections in Romania.

Sighetu Marmației

  1. The Memorial of the Victims of Communism


  1. Peleș National Museum


  1. Ialomita County Museum, Slobozia
    Collections of archaeology and ethnography.
    Agriculture Museum, Slobozia
    The most original and rich Romanian museum dedicated to agriculture.


  1. The Romanian Police Museum

Targu Mures

  1. The Museum of History and Archaeology, Targu Mures, Mures County (in Romanian)
  1. ! The Village Museum of Banat Region
  2. The Banat Museum Timisoara (in Romanian)

Valea Mare Pravat, Argeș county

  1. Mateiaș Mausoleum


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