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Proposal for a Charter of Principles for Museums and Cultural Tourism

ICOM, conscious of the contemporary world culture dynamics and the discussion about cultural tourism and the museum role, has taken the initiative to convene a Workshop on Museums, Heritage and Cultural Tourism.

The Workshop was organised by the ICOM Secretariat, in collaboration with the National Committees of Peru and Bolivia. It was held in Trujillo, Peru and in La Paz, Bolivia, from 21 to 27 May 2000.

The Participants in the workshop discussed plans and policies in order to develop detailed goals and strategies that will enable the correct use, the appropriate interpretation and management of cultural heritage in the context of its preservation and conservation for future generations, and the respect and involvement of local communities.

The participants drew up a Proposal for a Charter of Principles for Museums and Cultural Tourism that offers guidance and gives a conceptual basis for ethical professional practice. It outlines the required strategies and the aims and objectives that would ensure that cultural heritage (including museum collections) is enjoyed, interpreted and managed in a way that favours its preservation and respect for future generations. The participants based their work essentially on the ICOM Code of Professional Ethics, bearing in mind the mission of museums as non-profit making institutions in the service of society and society's development and the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Charter.

Updated: 11 July 2005