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Protection of Cultural Property in Southeast Asia

Workshop on the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia

WORKING GROUP 3: Capacity Building towards Sustainable Heritage Protection. Documentation Tools and Inventorying Methods.

  1. Preliminary recommendation, basic to all other recommendations for capacity building for sustainable cultural heritage is training at national, regional and international levels.
    A. identify training needs
    B. develop training modules.
  2. Networking and co-operation among heritage managers, customs and police with the goal of sharing information and understanding for the protection of cultural property, at a national, regional and international level.
  3. Increase and support public awareness and education in the area of cultural heritage protection.
    A. Each state needs a program on protection of national heritage in the national school curriculum
    B. Recommend to ICOM and UNESCO to help countries to raise awareness with such means as publications, travelling exhibitions and information for mass media
  4. Each country should have a minimum documentation on cultural heritage following the Object-ID form.
    A. It is further encouraged that each country translates the Object-ID form in the national language, agree on terminology for shared understanding, and develops training specific training for implementing the Object-ID form
    B. On the regional level it is encouraged to work on standard terminology for shared understanding w. ith the customs and police.
Updated: 7 October 2005