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Cross Cultural Task Force
CHAIRPERSON : Amareswar Galla (Australia)
Email :
Report of the Cross-Cultural Task Force (August 2007)
Report of the Working Group on Cross Cultural Issues of the International Council of Museums (ICOM)Presented at the 89th session of the Executive Council of ICOM on December 1997
  • Corozon Alvina (Philippines)
  • Lucía Astudillo Loor (Ecuador)
  • Adi Meretui T. Ratunabuabua (Fiji)
  • Christine Hemmet (France)
  • An Laishun (China)
  • Lina Tahan (UK)
  • Ann Davis (Canada)
  • Shahid Vawda (South Africa)
    Rep. Executive Council:
  • Tereza Scheiner (Brazil)
  • Rick West (USA)
    Ex-Officio Members:
  • Jennifer Thévenot (ICOM Secretariat)


Preferred Future
An inclusive ICOM that generates knowledge, facilitates cross cultural communication and builds effective networking for the promotion of cultural diversity in museums and heritage institutions. (Strategie Plan)
Aims and Objectives
The ICOM-CCTF will build on the pervious work of the Working Group on Cross Cultural Issues of ICOM to:

  • continue to examine and report on the ways that museums throughout the world are addressing the wide range of issues with cross cultural dimensions;
  • develop inclusive approaches and guidelines concerning the way that museums should endeavour to deal with cultural diversity in general and indigenous and multicultural issues in particular; and
  • advocate and make appropriate recommendations concerning the ways that cross cultural perspectives should be enhanced in the work of ICOM and its committees.

Immediate Strategie Directions
1. To review and update the Cultural Diversity Policy of ICOM, 1998

Conduct extensive consultation, both on-line and by correspondence; review Iiterature; seek inputs through the ICOM Membership - using ICOM-L; write specifie letters to the members of the Advisory Committee; examine the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity October 2005 as weil as the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity, November 2001.

January - May 2006 - Solicit inputs on the Cultural Diversity Policy of ICOM May-June 2006 - Submit a revised draft to the AC and EC for comments
July - November 2006 - Circulate and seek further inputs through the membership of the Advisory Committee - invite ail the members to address the draft policy for discussion at their annual meetings/conferences

December 2006 - Submit the revised policy and action plan with a detailed global report to the EC. Big ticket agenda item for finalization of the policy
January 2007 - minor changes and introductory papers and forewords. Preparation of a publication for launching at the ICOM 2007 GC in Vienna. Similar to the UNESCO Publication on the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity (as discussed with the President in Seoul recently)
ICOM 2007 - Launch the policy at the ICOM GC in Vienna

2. Establish web presence in the .museum domain

January - June 2006 - Establish the framework for the ICOM-CCTF Web Page (The URL has been secured sometime ago)
January 2006- December 2006 -Develop the content simultaneously with the policy revision process mentioned above
Early 2007 - Launch the Web Page

3. Facilitate a series of forums on the notion of the Inclusive Museum as endorsed in June 2003 by the AC

4. Facilitate the engagement on cross cultural issues with other intergovernmental bodies and international NGOs including UNESCO on the Cultural Diversity Charter and Convention as well as with other Conventions such as the one on Intangible Heritage.

Updated: 9 July 2008