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ICOM Revised Strategic Plan 2005-2007

Strategic Plan 2005 - 2007 adopted in June 2005 in Paris (France)

Strategic Objective 1: ICOM generates and disseminates knowledge

Anticipated results by 2007 (in a prioritized order)
  a. ICOM has developed and implemented programs to generate and share knowledge

  b. ICOM is recognized as setting the standard in ethics and in specialized museum practices

  c. ICOM has confirmed its commitment to increasing awareness and knowledge of threats to cultural and natural heritage, tangible and intangible

  d. International Committees generate knowledge on a regular basis

  e. ICOM is recognized by the heritage sector as a source for expertise in museum-related heritage matters

  f. Most International and National Committees meet ICOM's requirements for services to their members

  g. Mechanisms are in place to ensure the quality of ICOM's publications

  h. Based on tools provided by ICOM, all relevant international heritage conventions and standards are promoted to national governments

  i. ICOM is one of the 'first up' on web search engine queries on museum matters

  j. ICOM publications are in citation indexes

Action Plan for Strategic Objective 1
1. Define ICOM's position with respect to the Documentation Centre.
2. Review, clean and update the Documentation Centre bibliographical data base in order to put it on-line and available for consultation on the web site.
3. Identify appropriate accommodation for the Documentation Centre that ensures both public access and the required environment for its resources.
4. Implement the Pilot Standing Committee on International Committees
5. Identify the nature of support required to assist International Committees in developing and carrying out their programs, with specific reference to publications and web presence
6. Establish an Editorial Committee; develop and implement a Publications Policy
7. Review ICOM's web site and up-date where necessary, guaranteeing user friendliness, so that it can be an effective universal vehicle for various programs designed to share knowledge
8. Identify, prioritize and assess internally, ICOM's principal actions/core initiatives ;
9. Complete and publish the Guidelines for General Conferences. Stipulate ICOM's expectations in relation to the creation and sharing of knowledge at General Conferences in the Letter of Agreement.
10. Facilitate the dissemination of ICOM standards by the National Committees in their own country, by Regional Organizations and through International agencies (for example through UNESCO). Action Plan for Strategic Objective 1
11. Develop and implement a policy that permits non-members (potential new members) to attend ICOM's programs
12. Examine the feasibility of on-line hosting and maintenance of International Committee data bases




Updated: 20 June 2005