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2002 "Museums and Globalisation"

Suggested activities to celebrate International Museum Day 2002

Day devoted to other cultures to raise awareness of diversity and difference.

Drawing attention to the importance of local heritage in preserving cultural diversity.

Twinning trips to find out about a museum in another country, how it is managed, what its problems are and the directions in which it could develop.

Fostering international links.

Raising awareness of the global nature of the work of museums, the fact that there is an international network of museums and the significance of this global dimension for museums.

Informing visitors about the goals, functions and activities of ICOM and the national committees via meetings and exhibitions.

Agreeing on a theme for museums in a given country, related to the International Museum Day theme.

Signing manifestos (e.g. concerning the principle of exempting culture from free trade agreements).

Exhibitions on legislation designed to protect heritage and safeguard the principle of cultural exception.

Briefing museums on the new balance of power in the world and its implications for the world's cultures.

Explaining the mechanics of globalisation - the GATT agreements, the "rounds" of trade talks, world conferences, the G7, the IMF, the WTO, cultural exception, free trade etc.

ICOM News, Vol.55, n°1, 2002, is dedicated to this year theme: "Museums and Globalisation".
ICOM News is available free of charge to ICOM members

Updated: 30 September 2005