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Paris - February 2006

International Museum Day 2006 - "Museums and young people "

This year, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) is inviting museums all over the world to celebrate the theme “MUSEUMS AND YOUNG PEOPLE”, for International Museum Day, on or around May 18th

This year’s theme was selected to raise awareness on how young people participate in redefining the mission and practices of heritage institutions in the 21st century, and how museums can contribute to shaping tomorrow’s society by interacting with young people.

As Alissandra Cummins, President of ICOM, states: "Museums can do much by recognising the particular conditions of the young people in the community they serve and by making the museum experience more available to them. In this way, they can help build understanding based on acquiring knowledge of the world and act as an outlet for exchange and dialogue. Young people have fresh eyes to nurture with everything the world has to offer. Museums are the windows on our world."

This year's International Museum Day aims at raising public awareness about the vital role museums play in celebrating differences. On one level, museums create a new sense of community by giving value to a common cultural heritage. On another, museums can also highlight the role of individuals and groups whose singularities and differences are the cornerstone of the diversity inherent to that common heritage.

Young people constitute new generations of museum professionals and audiences for a new generation of museums, more sensitive to social responsibility, ethical practices, community, and fostering intercultural dialogue and tolerance.

For further information about the theme or the activities planned for International Museum Day :

Updated: 14 February 2005