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Iraqi Antiquities at Risk
Sculpture, 3-dimensional and relief

  Stone (dark or white)  

The most common types of figures are :

Standing figurines in white stone (or marble), 10-15 cm tall.  

Under-life-size standing or seated figures with folded hands, ranging from about 15 to 60 cm high (sometimes lifesize).

Figures in provincial or oriental Roman style from Hatra, especially heads.  


Small figures, usually unbaked. The most common types are :

Human and animal figurines, often crudely made
(about 8 to 15 cm high).

Models and "toys" of beds, boats, chariots, houses, etc.
(about 10 to 20 cm high, sometimes more for the houses).

Mould-made plaques, often naturalistic, representing scenes from daily life and scenes of worship (about 8 to 15 cm high).  

  Bronze figurines (often oxidized)  

One common type has the lower body in the shape of a peg (about 12 to 20 cm high).


  Stone plaques and slabs  

Stone plaques and slabs - often in fragments - carved in relief.


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