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The Stephen Weil Memorial Lecture given by Gail Lord entitled Museums Outside-In at the National Library in Vienna on 20 August 2007


Papers from the INTERCOM 2006 meeting in Taipei, New Roles and Missions for Museums, 2-4 November 2006


The Museum and Change II, Prague , Czech Republic, 8 -10 November 2005


Museums and Intangible Heritage - ICOM General Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2-8 October 2004


Leadership in Museums: Are our core values shifting? Dublin, Ireland, October 16-19, 2002 / INTERCOM

The papers from the 2002 INTERCOM Conference have been published on the INTERCOM Website: (click on "Resources"). Are today's pressures forcing museums to change their core values? The INTERCOM conference looked at this critical area and in particular at the role that leadership and management have to play in reconciling apparently conflicting demands. Three areas were debated: "Defining museum core values in the 21st century: leadership in action"; "Competing values: who decides? The role of governance; and "Scholarship and populism: can they co-exist?"

Les contributions à la Conférence 2002 d'INTERCOM ont été publiées sur le site d'INTERCOM : (cliquer sur "Resources"). Les contraintes qui pèsent aujourd'hui sur les musées n'imposent-elles pas un changement de leurs valeurs essentielles ? La Conférence d'INTERCOM s'est penchée sur ce sujet difficile, examinant notamment la nécessaire harmonisation que doivent opérer les directions de musée et leurs gestionnaires entre les exigences apparemment contradictoires de leurs missions respectives. Les discussions ont porté sur trois thèmes : Définir les valeurs essentielles du musée du XXIe siècle : les dirigeants en action ; Conflits de valeurs : qui doit décider ? le rôle de la "gouvernance" ; Recherche et vulgarisation : la coexistence est-elle possible ?

The Ethics of Management, Rubi, Spain, July 2 - 4, 2001, concurrently with ICOM General Conference - Managing Change: Museums facing economic and social challenges, Barcelona 1-6 July 2001

Updated: 1 October 2007