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ICOM Secretariat
Directories are essential professional instruments and form an integral part of international communication policy. They enable users to find details easily both on ICOM's institutional as well as individual members, in whatever country, town or institution they may be.
Les répertoires constituent des instruments professionnels essentiels, s'inscrivant dans une politique de communication internationale. Ils permettent de trouver facilement les coordonnées des membres de l'ICOM, institutionnels ou individuels, dans chaque pays, ville ou institution où ils sont présents.

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  ICOM-Belarus - Bogdanovich St. 15 - 220 029 Minsk, Belarus
    Fax: +375 (0)17 234 7261
  Email: or/ou


Muzei Belarusi = Museums of Belarus: Information on the Museums of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus
This is the first comprehensive directory of Belarusian museums ever published. It was compiled using the statistical database of the Belarusian Ministry of Culture and contains complete English entries, a user's guide in Belarusian (Cyrillic script), and a short bibliography.
|  A.B. Stashkevitch, V.M. Kitova, V.U. Mirontchik, N.S. Strybulskaya   |  2001  |  272 p.  |  ISBN 985-01-0308-6  |  


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  PromPerú, Comisión de Promoción del Perú
Calle Uno Oeste n° 50
Urb. Córpac, Lima 27, Peru
    Tel : +51 (0)1 22 43 271
Fax :
+51 (0)1 22 41 163

Guía de museos del Perú
Guía de museos del Perú

The volume also contains contributions from joint sessions held during the conference with ICDAD (Relationships Between Authentic Interiors and Assembled Objects) and ICAMT/ICMS (Security, Old Buildings, New Buildings, and the Architects).

|  ICOM-Perú, Instituto Nacional de Cultura, Comisión dePromoción del Perú. Lima, PromPerú, 1999. 20 p., ill. (Spanish)  |
|  Free of charge / Gratuit  |

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  Mariet Willinge, Secretary General of ICAM
Netherlands Architecture Institute, Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam,

The Netherlands
    Tel : +31 10 440 1220
Fax : +31 10 436 7554

Register of Members, Summer 1998/ICAM; foreword by Wim de Wit
Register of Members, Summer 1998/ICAM; foreword by Wim de Wit.

Original title: Exhibition budgeting / François Tremblay, Allegra Wright and Han Meeter ; translated by Christina Chun Xu.

|  ICAM  |  1998  |  82 p., index  |  English  | Online Version  |
|  Free of charge for ICAM Members   |

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  Rhonda Griffiths - Secrétariat de la Communauté du Pacifique - B.P. D5, 98848 Nouméa Cedex, Nouvelle-Calédonie
    Tel : + 687 262000 Fax : +687 26 38 18
  Email :

Annuaire des acteurs culturels des îles du Pacifique
Communauté du Pacifique, [Nouméa], Communauté du Pacifique, 1998, [n.p.]
| 3000 XPF ou 26 EUR   |

Directory of Museums in the Arab Countries
Répertoire des musées des pays arabes 1995
Directory of Museums in the Arab Countries
|  Paris : ICOM, 1995.60 p. ISBN 92-9012-019-3  |
Free for ICOM Members / Gratuit pour les membres de l'ICOM   |

Directory of Thesauri for Object Names
Inventaire des thésauri ou vocabulaires contrôlés des objets
Directory of Thesauri for Object Names
|  CIDOC Data and Terminology Working Group, [s.l.], CIDOC, 1994, 58 p.  |
Free for ICOM Members / Gratuit pour les membres de l'ICOM   |

Updated: 19 December 2005