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> Professional Orientations Focus n. 4- 2005

ICOM News n.4 Professional OrientationsWEB LINKS and MORE INFORMATION
By Carrie Farrell & Thibault Denisty

Thematic File:  ICOM NEWS No. 4/2005
Professional Orientations: Museum Studies, Professional Training, Studying Museums in situ

ICOM News No. 4/2005 was largely dedicated to young professionals entering the world of museums and mid-career professionals.  The cover photo by Baptist Dhont Farcy is a metaphor for the challenges and sometimes daunting choices that museum professionals face in determining a course of study and relevant training in a changing academic and professional landscape.  Museum studies, museology, cultural heritage and sustainable development are all interdisciplinary fields requiring a great deal of flexibility and creativity on the part of the young professional undertaking his/her education and preparing for a variety of professional categories of employment in museums, now evolving in different directions.  The ICTOP Annual Conference was the impetus for the focus and contributed to shaping the issues discussed.  Discovering museums with active partnerships with institutes of higher education or their own programmes of study allowed us to visit "Museums of the World" acting as classrooms for new professionals.

Which path should an aspiring young professional take to get into the field?  Should one orient oneself towards experience or post-graduate work?  Should one obtain a post-graduate certificate, a Masters degree or a Doctorate?

Throughout this edition of ICOM News, we explored various routes that upcoming museum professionals can take.  Most included formal training from an established institution.  While there are many to choose from around the world, we were unable to include them all in this issue.  This dossier is meant to give more information about the programmes mentioned in ICOM News No. 4 / 2005 and present some other training programmes around the world, which is by no means an exhaustive list.

This issue provides a nice transition into the theme of International Museum Day 2006—“Museums and Young People”.  Young professionals (as well as professionals who are young at heart) have a valuable role to play in developing innovative programmes to capture the attention and imagination of young people.  We hope the resources listed below, as well as other upcoming editions of ICOM News and their Web dossiers, will provide you will some inspiration and new ideas in regards to the profession as a whole.

Updated: 23 February 2006