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ICOM 2001 General Conference

1 - 6 July 2001
Barcelona (Spain)

19th General Conference of ICOM - 20th General Assembly

"Managing change: museums facing economic and social challenges"

A Poster to Remember

ICOM and the other organisations participating in the preparation of the General Conference always do their utmost to ensure that every meeting is as fruitful as possible in every way and to give each one a distinctive flavour. For the Barcelona General Conference, we have used two graphic design teams, Caret Serrahima and Villuendas + Gómez, with deservedly prestigious international reputations. Caret Serrahima designed the Web pages and created the logo and its various permutations, whilst Villuendas + Gómez designed the brochures and poster for the 19th Conference.

In a world in which images, rather than words or gestures, have become the dominant mode of communication, Villuendas + Gómez came up with a poster design which communicates clearly and is full of movement and slightly disturbing. The symbols scattered in space remind us of signs from the very dawn of time which have resurfaced in every form of human communication through the ages. In and around the centre is a simulation of the planet Earth - an image that is familiar all over the world, reproduced in different colours, which appeals to our emotions and helps us to articulate the notions of equality and respect for differences. The disturbing quality of the work probably stems from the effect of movement of the images in space, which reminds us of the frenetic bustle of the modern world, relieved here by the designers' bold use of colour.

We hope you will like this poster, which is available in four languages, and that it will conjure up a Conference which is certain to be full of images, words, sensations and views to remember.

ICOM 2001 Barcelona

Circle or point, Indo-American numeral signifying unity. ICOM Barcelona 2001
Horizontally: letter of the Russian alphabet. In cartography, the outline of city walls. Vertically: Greek uncial writing.
Horizontally: Sign meaning "similar" (from the Middle Ages) Vertically: Indian number for the year 1,000, Arabic number for 1,100.
Sign representing Christianity. In geology, fossilised fish.
Greek border. Inca style. In botany, an aquatic plant.
A closed spiral. Inca sign. In botany, a fossil.
The shape of a textile reel. The shape of a knuckle.

Updated: 7 October 2005