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Documenting the Cultural Heritage
Standards in Practice: Greenwich
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Notes on Data Entry

"Unique" and "Multiple Entry"
In their recommendations for computer data entry, the Architectural and Archaeological Standards differ in their usage of "unique". In the Architectural Index, those categories for which a number of entries might be desired are designated "multiple entry"; those for which only one entry is required are designated "unique". In the Archaeological Standard, "multiple entry" is not used; "unique" is used to refer to a discrete item of information—different or multiple pieces of unique, discrete information may be contained within separate, repeating fields under one category heading.

Cross Reference to Records of Fixtures and Fittings In the Architectural Index, cross references may be made to records of fixtures and fittings under Category 1.6. It is recommended that references to records of movable items related by location to the building are included in this category.

Figure 3:	Schematic representation of relationships within the Greenwich Ensemble of Figure 3. Schematic representation of
relationships within the
Greenwich Ensemble

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