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Documenting the Cultural Heritage
Standards in Practice: Greenwich
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Sample Record 4:
Object ID

Travelling trunk Travelling Trunk
(© National Maritime
Museum, Greenwich,

1.1 Photographs National Maritime Museum — A 1891, A 1892
1.2 Type of Object
Level 1:
Level 2:

Travelling trunk
1.3 Measurements 81 cm high x 67 cm deep x 120 cm long
1.4 Materials & Techniques Wood, leather-covered and brass-studded, canvas-lined
1.5 Inscriptions & Markings Date and initials in brass studs in the centre of the lid "G 1660 P"
1.6 Date or Period 1660
1.7 Maker
1.8 Subject
1.9 Title
1.10 Distinguishing Features The handles are missing and the inside modernised; there is splitting and lifting of the leather covering at the edges of the lid
1.11 Description An early travelling trunk, possibly owned by George Parnall (GP), who was Mayor of Hereford in 1660. Leather-covered and brass-studded, with a curved lid which fits over flanges. Inside, there is a lift-out wooden tray resting on yellow pine bearers. Both the tray and the canvas lining were added at a later date. A similar trunk with the royal cypher and crown, given by Queen Henrietta Maria to Lord St Albans, was at Rushbrooke Hall, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
2.1 Object ID No. National Maritime Museum — AAA 3250
2.2 Related Written Material NMM Furniture file
2.3 Place of Origin/Discovery England
2.4 Cross Reference to Related Objects
2.5 Date Documented 16th March 1998

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