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Documenting the Cultural Heritage
Standards in Practice: Greenwich
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Sample Record 3:
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portrait of Queen Anne of Denmark Portrait of Queen Anne of Denmark, attributed to John de Critz,
the elder
(© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London)

1.1 Photographs National Maritime Museum — BHC 4251
1.2 Type of Object
Level 1:
Level 2:

1.3 Measurements 114 x 87 cm
1.4 Materials & Techniques Oil on panel
1.5 Inscriptions & Markings Christie’s stencil on back "NV336", and another which appears to read "ENDOPH1"
1.6 Date or Period c. 1605
1.7 Maker Attributed to John de Critz, the elder
1.8 Subject Queen Anne of Denmark / Woman in white dress holding fan
1.9 Title Portrait of Queen Anne of Denmark
1.10 Distinguishing Features Damaged by criss-cross scoring on the lower part of the dress. The oak panel is in three sections, shaved down to 1/4-inch thickness, subsequently cradled on the back. There is old woodworm damage and two new flight holes. The carved and gilded frame appears to be 17th century Italian. There are traces of green paint on the tooled Spanish leather background
1.11 Description A three-quarter-length portrait of Queen Anne of Denmark, the wife of King James I, at the age of about 30. The Queen is dressed in a white farthingale, with piled-up hair, adorned with a jewel and a pearl. She is wearing pearls around her neck and her bodice, and is holding a fan in her left hand. There is a chair in the background. An almost identical portrait exists at Blickling Hall, Norfolk, on which there has been over-painting at an early date, bringing the hairstyle and ruff into a style which she assumed in or before 1609
2.1 Object ID No. National Maritime Museum — BHC 4251
2.2 Related Written Material NMM, The Maritime Yearbook, 3, 1995/96, 11-13; National Maritime Museum dossier and conservation record
2.3 Place of Origin/Discovery England
2.4 Cross Reference to Related
There is likely to have been a pendant portrait of James I, but its whereabouts are unknown
2.5 Date Documented 16th March 1998

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