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Documenting the Cultural Heritage
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2.6 Designation/Protection Status
This is an optional section allowing for a statement on whether the monument or site is designated or protected and, if so, the type of designation or protection and the date at which it was granted. This section can be repeated.
2.6.1 Type of Designation or Protection
This denotes the designation or protection category. A controlled vocabulary is desirable, e.g., municipal, provincial state, scheduled monument, world heritage site.
(Alphanumeric, Unique, Mandatory)
2.6.2 Date of Designation or Protection
The date on which the designation or protection was legally granted. Use of the ISO standard for date is recommended, e.g., 1992-11-27.
(Alphanumeric, Unique, Optional)
2.6.3 Reference Number
This records the designation or protection reference number, e.g., SSS147.
(Alphanumeric, Unique, Optional)
2.6.4 Originator of Reference
The name of the individual or organisation responsible for the reference number, e.g., National Museums Department. This field is mandatory if a reference number is used.
(Alphanumeric, Unique, Optional)
2.7 Archaeological Summary
This optional section enables a brief free-text description of the monument or site.
(Alphanumeric, Unique, Optional)

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