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Documenting the Cultural Heritage
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2.5 Physical Condition
This section is used to record the physical condition of the monument or site and the date of an assessment. It is optional and can be repeated. It may be useful for the continued assessment of the management of the monument or site to maintain entries in this section over time. This will enable damage or deterioration to be logged. It may also be necessary to include additional fields to record management details, depending on the functions of the recording organisation.
2.5.1 Condition
This field records the physical integrity of the monument or site, e.g., intact, destroyed, restored, unknown, etc. A controlled vocabulary is desirable.
(Alphanumeric, Unique, Mandatory)
2.5.2 Date Condition Assessed
The date on which the condition was assessed. This field is optional because many condition reports in the past may not have been dated. Use of the ISO standard for date is recommended, e.g., 1994-10-27.
(Alphanumeric, Unique, Optional)

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