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Documenting the Cultural Heritage
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2.3 Type
This section allows for the indexing of a monument or site according to functional or descriptive criteria. An entry is mandatory and must be linked to an entry in section 2.4 (Dating), e.g., Villa/Roman. Controlled vocabulary is necessary and should include "unknown". This section can be repeated to accommodate changes in a type at a monument or site through time.
2.3.1 Monument or Site Type
The term by which a monument has been indexed. This will normally be the interpretation of the monument by functional or descriptive criteria, e.g., Villa; linear earthwork. Controlled vocabulary is desirable.
(Alphanumeric, Unique, Mandatory)
2.3.2 Monument or Site Category
Broad functional or descriptive category to which the type belongs, e.g., Residential. Controlled vocabulary is desirable. Note that if a hierarchical thesaurus is being used this field may not be required.
(Alphanumeric, Unique, Optional)

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