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Documenting the Cultural Heritage
  Council of Europe
Getty Information Institute
Foreword: Getty Information Institute
In recent years there has been a growing recognition of the benefits of creating cultural heritage information networks that will enable common access to documentation created and managed by divers organisations. An important precondition to the development of such networks is the documentation standards that establish the degree of compatibility needed to make common access possible. The Getty Information Institute has considerable experience in working collaboratively to develop documentation standards, guidelines, vocabularies, and other tools that improve access to information about the cultural heritage.

The Information Institute followed with interest the development of the Council of Europe’s Core Data Index to Historic Buildings and Monuments of the Architectural Heritage, and was pleased to co-operate in the running of follow-up training programmes in France (1995) and England (1996). It has also taken a close interest in the development of the International Core Data Standard for Archaeological Sites and Monuments, participating in a number of meetings of the Archaeological Sites Working Group of the Documentation Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM/CIDOC). For its part, the Institute would like to thank the Council of Europe for its assistance in developing Object ID, the recently established international standard comprising the information required to identify cultural objects.

The Institute is pleased to be associated with the Council and the European Foundation for Heritage Skills in producing this publication, which will play an important part in encouraging the implementation of these key standards. The presence of accessible, high-quality cultural heritage information on emerging electronic networks can be ensured only by the willingness of organisations to work together to attain this common goal. The three initiatives presented here were produced in a spirit of collaboration between organisations and nations, and represent significant steps toward that goal.

Eleanor E. Fink
The Getty Information Institute

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