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Documenting the Cultural Heritage
  Standards in Practice: Greenwich
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3.0 Functional Type
3.1 Building Type
Precise building type defined by function. This field may be repeated to accommodate changes in type over a period of time. Controlled vocabulary is desirable.
(Alphanumeric, Multiple Entry, Mandatory)
3.1.1 Date
The date to which the specific function in 3.1 is assigned.
(Alphanumeric, Multiple Entry, Optional)
3.2 Building Category
Broad functional category to which the building type belongs, e.g., Agricultural (Category); Barn (Type). Controlled vocabulary is desirable.
(Alphanumeric, Multiple Entry, Mandatory)
4.0 Dating
This section allows for precise dating when it is known, or date ranges or periods when it is imprecise.
(One field at least is mandatory)
4.1 Period
Controlled vocabulary is desirable. e.g., Paleolithic
(Alphanumeric, Multiple Entry, Optional)
4.2 Century
e.g., 17th century
(Alphanumeric, Multiple Entry, Optional)
4.3 Date Range
4.3.1 From
4.3.2 To
e.g., from 1640 to 1660
(Numeric, Multiple Entry, Optional)
4.4 Absolute Date
e.g., 1652
(Numeric, Multiple Entry, Optional)
5.0 Persons and Organisations Associated with the History of the Building
This section allows for the identification of persons and organisations associated either with the construction of the building, e.g., architects, or its function, e.g., the original proprietors. The fields may be repeated to accommodate persons and organisations associated with the buildings over a period of time. Detailed information may be held in related biographical files.
5.1 Person or Organisation
Surname, first name, or name of organisation, e.g., Webb, John
(Alphanumeric, Multiple Entry, Optional)
5.2 Role in the History of the Building
The role of the person or organisation with respect to the building, i.e., its construction, function, restoration, modification, demolition, etc., e.g., architect.
(Alphanumeric, Multiple Entry, Optional)
5.2.1 Date
The date of the person or organisationŐs role in the history of the building, e.g., 1652.
(Numeric, Multiple Entry, Optional)

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