Introduction to Object ID
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categories of information
Type Title
Materials Subject
Measurements Date
Inscriptions Maker
Distinguishing Description


Does the object have a title by which it is known and might be identified (e.g., The Scream)?
The title of an object is a word or phrase by which the object is known and may be identified. An object may be given a title either at the time of its creation or at a later date. Some objects are known by more than one title, e.g., Las Meninas (artist’s title) and the Maids of Honor (popular title). Moreover, the title by which an object is known in one country may be different from that of its country of origin (e.g., Skrik and The Scream).

The title is sometimes physically part of an object (e.g., carved or cast into the base of a statue, or engraved onto an etching). In these cases the title should also be recorded under Inscriptions & Markings.

A title may or may not indicate the subject matter depicted or represented. For example, the title A Pool Surrounded by Trees indicates the subject matter depicted, but Number 14 does not. Thus, the former should also be recorded under Subject.

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