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Museum Domain Management Association
The .museum Registry

Frequently Asked Questions
About .museum and MuseDoma

Why was the .museum domain created?
The .museum top level-domain (TLD) was created to be a centralized location for the global museum community - including bona fide museums, their professional associations and individual members of the museum profession - to provide information and resources to the public and provide a clearer identity for museums and the resources they offer. It is the definitive place to recognize, share and access information on museums worldwide.

Why was the word "museum" selected as the official TLD name?
"Museum" is a Latin word, commonly and broadly recognized among numerous present-day languages. As it is customary practice in the museum profession to use the singular form of the word for classification purposes, it was decided that the singular term, "museum," would be the most logical TLD for the online global museum community. The terms .mus, .muse and .musea (the plural term) were all considered, but the clarity of the extensive term "museum" was ultimately given highest priority. Just as the role of the .museum TLD is to provide information, the term "museum" tells the public - unequivocally - what the domain encompasses.

Why should a museum register with .museum?
By embracing the .museum TLD, the global museum community is creating a distinct identity for itself in order to increase public knowledge and access to the world's cultural and scientific treasures. Additionally, the domain validates and verifies the legitimacy of museums around the world, since its use is restricted to bona fide applicants.

Who is MuseDoma?
The Museum Domain Management Association (MuseDoma) is a membership organization and non-profit trade association, created to obtain, maintain and operate a restricted top-level domain (TLD) - .museum - for the worldwide museum community. MuseDoma was created by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) with the assistance of the J. Paul Getty Trust.

Why is MuseDoma important to the museum community?
MuseDoma was established with the purpose of changing the visibility of museums and facilitating their communications to enhance the missions of these institutions worldwide. This organization is important to the museum community as it will act as the sole trustee of the .museum TLD, responsible for its day-to-day operations, including policy decisions on the naming conventions within the domain and the use of revenues.

How can I find out more about MuseDoma membership and its benefits?
Visit the Web site: for more information.

How will registering with .museum benefit a museum that does not have an online presence?
For a museum that does not have an online presence, the .museum TLD provides the ideal opportunity to benefit from Internet technology and to develop a presence on the Web.

Why would a museum with an established online presence register with .museum?
For a museum with an established online presence, registering with the .museum TLD would further the development of a cohesive online global museum community, while making it simple for consumers to recognize and gain access to museums worldwide.

Is the International Council of Museums (ICOM) associated with .museum?
ICOM has two board seats with MuseDoma. Additionally, ICOM's definition of museum is central to the determination of bona fide museum entities and only these organizations and individuals will be allowed to register in .museum.

What are the naming conventions of the .museum TLD?
MuseDoma has established a comprehensive naming process to ensure the domain is managed in the best interests of the museum community. MuseDoma will make every effort to ensure the naming process is fair and equitable.

Why should a museum become a member of MuseDoma?
Although a museum does not need to be a MuseDoma member to request registration in the .museum TLD, being a member of this organization provides a variety of benefits including being able to participate in decisions that affect the future of the .museum TLD.

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Updated: 20 June 2005