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About MuseDoma

Museum Domain Management Association
The .museum Registry

About MuseDoma

The Museum Domain Management Association (MuseDoma), created by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) with the assistance of the J. Paul Getty Trust, is a non-profit trade association, created to obtain, maintain and operate a restricted top-level domain (TLD) - .museum - for the worldwide museum community. MuseDoma's mission is to change the visibility of museums, to facilitate their communications and to enhance the missions of these institutions worldwide.

MuseDoma was founded in September 2000 to initiate the process of establishing the .museum TLD. MuseDoma submitted the application for this domain to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on October 2, 2000. On November 16, 2000, ICANN selected .museum as one of seven new top-level domain names to be introduced into the nomenclature of the Internet, with MuseDoma to act as the sole trustee of the .museum TLD, responsible for its day-to-day operations, including policy decisions on the naming conventions within the domain and the use of revenues.

A six-member board of directors will manage the activities and affairs of MuseDoma - two board seats belong to ICOM, two to the J. Paul Getty Trust and two board seats will be elected from MuseDoma's voting members.

MuseDoma's mission includes facilitation - helping museums everywhere to benefit from Internet technology, initially through its .museum TLD and eventually through a suite of services designed to help the global museum community. MuseDoma believes in an open communication policy and maintains discussion lists and an open question-answer forum on any and all issues and points of information related to the .museum TLD. This has been established to ensure that all interested parties are able to participate in the .museum TLD.

The current directors of MuseDoma are:

  • Jacques Perot, President, International Council of Museums
  • Bernice Murphy, Vice President, International Council of Museums
  • Deborah Gribbon, Director, The J. Paul Getty Museum
  • Kenneth Hamma, Assistant Director, The J. Paul Getty Museum

The current officers of MuseDoma are:

  • President - Cary Karp, Director of Internet Strategy and Technology, Swedish Museum of Natural History; Director of Internet Strategy and Technology, International Council of Museums
  • Secretary - Manus Brinkman, Secretary General, International Council of Museums
  • Treasurer - Steven Juarez, Director of Financial Management, The J. Paul Getty Trust

Updated: 20 June 2005