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Module 2
International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Disaster Preparedness and Response


The second module of the Museums Emergency Programme was an International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Disaster Preparedness and Response which took place in India, Hyderabad, at the Salar Jung Museum from November 23 to 27, 2003.


  • to establish a network of museum professionals (curators, security officers, directors, technicians etc.) who have had first-hand experience of disasters, and a network of specialists on heritage emergencies around the world who could collaborate on disaster situations, in particular through co-ordination with the ICBS (International Committee of the Blue Shield)
  • to identify proposals and resource persons for the other modules in the programme
  • to review research developments in the fields of education, management, legislation, methodologies and techniques relevant to disaster preparedness and response, and
  • to produce recommendations on movable heritage emergencies, stressing legal aspects, government decision-making and public involvement.

Some 60 participants were invited from different parts of the world (32 countries): museum and heritage professionals (conservation, management etc.), civil servants, security experts, international humanitarian organisations (International Committee of the Red Cross, Medecins sans frontières)

Case Studies
A number of case studies were presented, ranging from concrete "first-hand live" descriptions, such as the reports by Pavel Jirásek, Chair of ICMS, on the flood in Prague in 2002, by Franz Grupp from Peru on the 2001 earthquake in Arequipa, and by Corine Wegener on her personal networking and collaboration in wartime at the Iraq National Museum in Bagdad, to "cross-profile interventions" as presented by Jan Hladik from UNESCO speaking on international legislation to protect cultural property in the event of armed conflict, and by Manuel López from Médecines sans frontières reviewing the key issues in emergency projects from the humanitarian point of view.

Discussion Subjects for Working Groups :

List of Symposium Speakers


Updated: 11 July 2005