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Membership Categories

ICOM has several membership categories:

     Individual Members
        Individual Members shall be persons who are either:
          - working full-time or part-time as professional museum staff as defined in Article 2, para. 2 of ICOM's Statutes;
          - former museum professionals who have retired;
          - other persons who because of their experience or because of professional services rendered to ICOM or to a programme of ICOM, or to a National or an International Committee, are deemed to be worthy of membership of ICOM (limited to 10 per cent of the membership of a National Committee).

     Institutional Members
        Institutional Members shall be museums or other institutions complying with the definition of a museum set out in Article 2, para. 1 of ICOM's Statutes, or organizations to which museums belong, or on which they are dependent.

     Supporting Members
        Supporting Members shall be persons or institutions that support ICOM and its objectives because of an interest in museums and in international co-operation between museums.

     Honorary Members
        Honorary Members shall be persons who have rendered exceptional services to the international museum cause or to ICOM.

     Student Members
        Student members shall be persons admitted to this category of membership by a National Committee in accordance with guidelines established by the Executive Council.

     To apply please follow the instructions below :
        The admission and registration of members is made through National Committees. Check this list for the National Committee in your country of residence.
        If there is an ICOM National Committee in your country, please fill in this form and send it to the listed address. Please note that a membership form in your native language might be available at your National Committee.
        If there is no ICOM National Committee in your country, please fill in this form and send it to the membership secretariat at

     Please note that membership is annual and retroactive to the beginning of the current calendar year. New memberships received after September 30th become effective as from January 1st of the following year unless otherwise indicated by the member or National Committee.

Updated: 8 September 2005