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ICOM News Thematic Files

> Managing Change : museums facing economic and social challenges
ICOM News n.3 - 2001 -  Managing change: museums facing economic and social challenges
Keynote Speeches:

Museums in the Information Era, Cultural connectors of time and spacepdf file
by Manuel Castells

The Réunion des musées nationaux - An example of how museums can strike a balance between commercial development and cultural values by pooling their economic resourcespdf file
by Philippe Durey

Museums for the 21st century - Between crisis and success pdf file
by Luis Monreal

Museums: Arenas for Dialogue or Confrontation pdf file
by George H.O. Abungu

Marketplace of Ideas and Concurrent Sessions

The Responsibility of Society in the Running of Museums pdf file
Acquisitions Policy pdf file
by Geoffrey Lewis
Launching the Top-Level Domain .museum pdf file
by Cary Karp

Round Tables

Large and Small Museums: two forms of management pdf file
Supranational Aid for Museum Management pdf file
Balancing Financial and Social Profit pdf file
The Benefits of the Internet for Museums pdf file
Renewing the Museum - What should conceptual and management decisions aim at? pdf file
Resolutions adopted by the 20th ICOM's General Assembly (Barcelona 2001)

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Articles published in ICOM News, Special Issue Vol. 54, No. 3, 2001. © ICOM
Updated: 12 April 2006