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The "One Hundred Missing Objects" Series

Stolen objects identified thanks to Looting in Europe.

Thanks to Looting in Europe in the series "One Hundred Missing Objects", published in 2001, the following objects appearing in this work have been identified and restituted.

- Crook (France)
Crook (see the image) , The beautiful ivory and bronze Bishop's crook, known as the "Saint Loup Crook" (appearing on pages 21 and 55 of One Hundred Missing Objects.  Looting in Europe) was stolen on 21 December 1993 from the Cathedral of Saint-Vincent in Châlons-sur-Saône, France.
In June 2008 ), it was located in the Museum of the Warsaw Archdiocese, Poland, were it had been the object of a donation.  The Museum immediately agreed to return it to France.
- Tabernacle (Italy)
Gilt wooden tabernacle (see the image) , listed on the page 90 of the publication One Hundred Missing Objects. Looting in Europe (ICOM, 2001).
This liturgical object which had been stolen on 5 July 1996 from the church of San Antiono Abate, in the province of Amatrice (Italy), was found during a house search carried out by the Carabinieri at a private residence in March 2008.
- Sculpture of Evangelist Mark (Czech Republic)
Published on p.103 of Looting in Europe a late 17th century sculpture of the Evangelist Mark was restituted on 3rd April 2001 to the Czech Republic.
In connection with the work on the publication Looting in Europe, this sculpture was identified at the beginning of the year 2000 by experts from the State Institute for Preservation of Historic Monuments in the auction catalogue of the Dorotheum in Vienna for their sale of 10th October 1999 - where it was indeed sold.
The same company later included the work once again in its auction catalogue of 23rd March 2001, and that time it was identified from the catalogue by an employee of the Diocesan Conservation Centre at Prague Archbishopric.
Having received this information, the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Czech Embassy in Vienna immediately undertook steps so that this precious work of art might be restituted. After these measures, and thanks to the understanding of the Dorotheum auction house, the sculpture was returned on 3rd April 2001 to its original owner - the St. Vitus Church in Jemnice, Czech Republic.

- Sculpture of Virgin and Child (Czech Republic)
A sculpture of Virgin and Child dated late 15th century, was restituted to the Ministry of the Czech Republic on 25th May 2001. This sculpture had been stolen in October 1992 from the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Touzim (Czech Republic) and published on page 97 of Looting in Europe.
Thanks to close cooperation with the Czech Police, the sculpture was returned by a Czech antique dealer on 25th May 2001.
- A wooden angel (France)
A wooden angel stolen from the church of Saint-Pierre d'Humbert (France) in 1977 was found in Holland by French police officers in March 2003. The 13th-century carving was listed as a historical monument under French law and was one of the objects described in the ICOM publication One Hundred Missing Objects. Looting in Europe (p.47).
In addition, a 16th-century statuette of the Wise Man Balthazar, which was stolen from the altarpiece of a French church in 1967 and had been in the keeping of a Belgian state museum for several years, was officially returned by the Belgian government on 1 July 2002, in line with the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums. The case of this statuette was mentioned in one of the introductions to Looting in Europe (p.19).

- Painting - Madonna and Child with Saints (Italy)
A 16th century Italian painting published on page 80 of the ICOM publication Looting in Europe was recovered on 25 September 2002.
This polyptych representing a Madonna and Child with saints had been listed by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Property as one of the 800 most important works of art to retrieve.
Stolen on 9 May 1997 from the Church of St Benedict, Angri (Italy), it was found by the Carabinieri of the Salerno province in an abandoned house on the Amalfi coast.

- Painting - Adoration of the Magi (Italy)

An Italian painting published on page 77 ("Adoration of the Magi" attributed to Parmigianino) of the ICOM publication Looting in Europe was recovered by the Italian Police on 12 June 2003.
This painting had been stolen on 24 december 1994 from the Church of St Dominic, Taggia, Italy.
Updated: 12 December 2008