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Join an International Committee

ICOM's International Committees offer you an opportunity to exchange specialist information at an international level with colleagues who share the same professional interests. If you would like to participate in the activities and meetings of an International Committee, you must become a member.

Get more information on ICOM's International Committees and find out which is the one that may fill your needs.

Please note that as an individual or institutional ICOM member, you have the right to become a member with full voting rights of only ONE International Committee. This membership is free of charge and includes all regular services (newsletters, etc.), but the International Committee has the right to charge fees for specific events.

In addition, you also have the right to become a member of as many other International Committee you wish, but without any voting rights. In this case, the International Committee may ask for a financial contribution to cover expenses. The membership lists for this category of members are run by the International Committees in full autonomy.

To join your principal International Committee, please complete the form and return it to the ICOM Secretariat. The Membership Service will register you as a member of the Committee you have chosen and will inform the Secretariat of the Committee that is concerned.

In line with a decision of the General Assembly held in Buenos Aires in 1986, all membership applications received at the Secretariat are AUTOMATICALLY processed. You will not receive any notification of your International Committee membership from the Secretariat. Application forms from members who have not paid their dues will not be processed.

You may change your International Committee membership whenever you wish by filling out a new application form. Forms are available at the Secretariat in Paris or on ICOM's Web site. Membership of an International Committee ceases if a member resigns from this committee or if he/she ceases to be a member of ICOM.

Here you can download the form to become member of ICOM International Committees :

After downloading the International Committees Membership Form, you may :

  • Print it, fill it in by hand and send it by regular mail or by fax to :
    ICOM Secretariat - Maison de l'UNESCO - 1, rue Miollis - 75732 Paris Cedex 15 - France Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 34 05 00 - Fax: +33 (0)1 43 06 78 62

  • Fill it in directly in your computer, save the document and send it as an e-mail attachment to :

Word version
Pdf version (Acrobat Reader)

Updated: 10 July 2007