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> Museums and intangible heritage ICOM News n.4 - 2004
ICOM News n.4 -  Museums and intangible heritage
Seoul 2004 pdf file
Keynote Speeches:

Preparing a Vessel to Contain Lost Life: Preservation and Successful Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritagepdf file
by O Young Lee

Museums and Intangible Heritage: Culture Dead or Alive?
pdf file
by Richard Kurin

Living Human Treasures and the Protection of Intangible Culture Heritage: Experiences and Challenges pdf file
by Dawnhee Yim

Museums, Intangible Cultural Heritage and
the Spirit of Humanity
pdf file
by Makio Matsuzono

The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and New Perspectives for the Museum pdf file
by Sid Ahmed Baghli
Intangible Heritage and Museum Actions pdf file
by Hongnam Kim

Concurrent Sessions:

Living Intangible Heritage pdf file
by Per B. Rekdal
Chairperson ICME

Protection of Cultural Heritage pdf file
by Pavel Jirásek,
Chairperson, ICMS,
and Hans Jürgen Harras,
Secretary, ICMS
Digital Heritage and Future Museums
Issues and Methods in the Presentation and Preservation of Digital Heritage
pdf file
by Cary Karp
Director of Internet Strategy and Technology, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm
Future Museums: new public, new skills and new directions pdf file
by Jean-Marcel Humbert
Direction des Musées de France, Paris. Former Chairperson, AVICOM
Resolutions adopted by the 21st ICOM's General Assembly (Seoul 2004)

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Articles published in ICOM News, Special Issue Vol. 57, No. 4, 2004. © ICOM
Updated: 12 April 2006