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2003 "Museums and Friends"

Country summary of International Museum Day 2003

Series of conferences in the Historical Archives and Museum of the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires. Themes included "The challenge of communication in institutional management", and was attended by various museum representatives and the Association of Friends of the City Museum and the Association of Friends of the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Buenos Aires.
(Museum and Galleries Foundation of NSW and Museums Australia have developed a logo and encourage participating NSW museums and galleries to use it when promoting IMD 2004 and associated special events).
Special events at Albury Regional Museum included curator talks, curatorial and conservation advice from staff of the Australian War Memorial, and a range of displays and stalls providing information on local museums and historical societies in the area.
Free guided tours, free entry to many museums, special exhibitions, special free lectures, and "behind the scenes tours" were organized in many museums.

International Museum Day was celebrated with traditional dances in full costume at the Ethnographic Museum in Porto Novo. The History Museum of Abomey celebrated the theme and organised a performance of traditional music called "Tchingounmin" and a video showing on the slave trade.
The International Museum Day was celebrated with songs and dances at the National Museum and Art Gallery An exhibition of works by local artists and items that were used during the British colonial administration have been organized.
"A good friend always deserves a visit" - this was the phrase chosen for the festivities of International Museum Day in Brazil. Approximately 270 events took place throughout Brazil during the week of 12-18 May 2003, and a ministerial document entitled "National Policy on Museums: Memory and Citizenship" was published and widely circulated. The document was the result of consultation with Brazilian museum professionals, museologists and those working in museums.
Brunei Darussalam
A Friends of Museums group was founded on International Museum Day 2003, open to non-museum personnel such as students, teachers, scholars and so forth. The group offers special exhibitions, discounts and participation in Museum research activities. In the long run, the Friends group will spread the message of Brunei Museums concerning the importance of protecting and preserving the national heritage.
The Minister of Culture and the press attended the events at the National Museum of Gitega, which included the famous drummers of Gishora and the local ballet of Makebuko. A guided tour of the museum included a visit to the stores. The minister addressed the issue of the war and the pillage and sale of Burundi's heritage, and also stressed the importance of preserving intangible cultural heritage. The chief drummer of Gishora was awarded a prize for his role in the preservation, protection and transmission of traditional knowledge , particularly in the field of drums.
The Museum of Douala, along with a voluntary organisation "Culture commune" and the Provincial Delegation for Coastal Culture [Délégation provinciale de la Culture pour le Littoral] organised an Open Day focused on this year's theme, and discussed themes such as "Human investment in the Museum" and "The Museum in the civic life"
In conjunction with International Museum Day on May 18, 2003 and as part of May is Museum Month in Ontario, the City has celebrated Ottawa museums by hosting it's second annual Museum Day event and reception.
The first board of the Association of Museums and Heritage of Curaçao was elected around International Museum Day, and Curaçao Museums promoted the local organisations working on the protection and restoration of historical buildings.
Czech Republic
Postcards were distributed to visitors recalling International Museum Day. Most museums had free entrance and there were spots on television and radio, and reports in the press. Numerous museums all over the country held special events, inaugurated exhibitions and gave guided tours.
Different aspects of the theme "Museums and Friends" were discussed, including the role of Friends groups in opening the museum out to the public and their involvement in museum educational programmes.
International Museum Day was advertised to the public through postcards, stickers and bookmarks, as well as through the different media. Guided tours and special visits were laid on, as well as workshops, school adoption programmes (of a museum or monument), conferences and advocacy work, including for the introduction of new legislation for museums and circulate the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums widely.
Hong Kong

A 3-day-long carnival, "Museum Panorama", was organised at the Hong Kong Science Museum. 64,000 people visited museums in Hong Kong over the three-day period. A free guide book of museums was circulated, and a Bingo card, stamped at each entrance to a museum, and collecting a souvenir card.
In Turin, 15 Museums Friends association organised free visits, guided tours and activities.
Cultural films, tours of historic buildings at Fort Jesus.
The Museum of the American University of Beirut hosted events organised by the Friends of the Museum, which included a video and photo exhibition about the Friends' trip to Ethiopia, a display of Ethiopian traditional crafts and a collection of ceremonial crosses. The proceeds of sales went towards the restoration of the Museum of the American University of Beirut.
The Art and History Museums of Luxembourg celebrated the gifts made by its Friends to their collections over the last 25 years. Conferences addressed the philanthropic, social and pedagogical roles of Friends groups as partners of the museum.
The Néjjarine Museum and the Batha Museum in Fez hosted the activities of International Museum Day, including a national conference on museums and the outlook for 2010.
Round table discussion of the theme, stressing the role of these groups in preserving national cultural heritage, and meeting with the Association of Friends of the Museum.
ICOM-Nepal organised a "Museums and Friends" programme at the Museum of Ancient and Folk Musical Instruments. The Museum put on a display concerning the preservation the rich Nepalese legacy of musical instruments and gave a live concert on very rare instruments which was broadcast on Nepalese Television and covered by the newspapers.
The Lahore Museum has arranged a special seminar and a quiz programme for students has also been organized the same day.
IMD provided the opportunity for thanking the trusts, companies and patrons who have helped the museum sector, as well as groups of Friends, for contributing their time, knowledge and support. These groups also do valuable work in awareness raising, discovering potential donors, in order, among other things, to keep museum entrance free.

Talks on volunteering and fund-raising, local and regional speakers, museum tours.

Children's activities; plans for the new museum (open 2005)
Serbia and Montenegro

The ICOM Committee discussed the creation of a special museum librarians' section within the Museums Association of Serbia. Special thanks were given to the Publishing House "Clio" for starting a series of museological publications, and the new YU NC ICOM presented the new issue of their bulletin, which included the translation of the ICOM Code of Ethics. Museums of Serbia and Montenegro put on special exhibitions of tangible and intangible heritage.
South Africa

Education Museum The museum showcased heritage programmes for schools and put on environment-related activities.

Updated: 30 September 2005