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2002 "Museums and Globalisation"

"The theme of this year's International Museum Day, which took place on 18 May 2002, was "Museums and Globalisation".

Examples of Activities

A number of conferences were held to mark the event, and entrance to museums was free in most countries. ICOM-Andorra offered reflections on two themes, "Museums, indigenous communities and globalisation" and "Culture and cultures". ICOM-Malta organised a conference on "Museums and Globalisation" in association with heritage institutions.
A number of posters and brochures were produced for the event. ICOM-Spain published a special International Museum Day poster and brochure in conjunction with the Casa de la Moneda, and Croatia produced a poster containing information about the event.
In Puerto Rico, International Museum Day witnessed the official launch of the Puerto Rican Museums Association. ICOM-Japan distributed copies of the report on the Barcelona ICOM General Conference, ICOM's Statutes and the ICOM Code of Ethics to all its members. A list of suggested activities was published
in Peru, whilst in Greece, the Netherlands Antilles, Panama and Guatemala, a whole series of events were organised - guided tours, lectures, exhibitions and educational activities. International Museum Day activities in the Czech Republic centred on demonstrations of restoration work. The living arts museum of Burundi, which chose to focus on "Museums as a reflection of national identity", organised a demonstration of traditional dances. Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan sent cards to celebrate the event. In Argentina, participants were invited to reflect on two broad themes - "Museums, communications, new technologies and Internet" and "Cultural Heritage Day", and an "ideas marketplace" provided museum professionals with an opportunity to share their expertise.
In Morocco, a "heritage month" and a week of international meetings on preventive conservation in museums were scheduled around International Museum Day. Uruguay also held a museum week, which included numerous public lectures.

In Brazil, an awareness-raising campaign on the theme "Voce tem memoria" (The Voice of Memory) was timed to coincide with International Museum Day, and the "Carta de Rio Grande" manifesto asking for a national policy on musems and heritage to be drawn up was sent to election candidates. Many educational activities were organised, notably in Mozambique, where an international project for children twinned the National Art Museum of Maputo with the Moderna Museet de Stockholm. At the Yula Museum in Nigeria, children and their schools performed plays on such topics as education, culture and AIDS. The Education Museum in Cape Town, South Africa, mounted an exhibition entitled "", about educational activities that make use of the media, Internet and other means of communication.
Many countries celebrated International Museum Day by holding exhibitions: the National Museum of Costa Rica mounted an exhibition of posters from museums all over the world to raise awareness of the need to protect national heritage; Russia's National History Museum joined forces with the Ministry of Culture for the first in a series of exhibitions with the overall title "True Museum Friend"; Paraguay's National Museum of Fine Art ran an exhibition on traditional leather-working techniques; and in Kenya, museum posters, flags and objects from twenty countries were displayed in Nairobi Museum. In China, a
two-hundred-metre polyptych depicting the museums of Beijing and the rest of the world was erected in the centre of the capital city.

Museums continue to take part in International Museum Day with undiminished enthusiasm, and the events organised demonstrate what a wide range of activities are going on in museums and how extraordinarily diverse the world's museums are today. It is time to start preparing for International Museum Day 2003, on 18 May, whose theme is "Museums and Friends".

Article published in: "ICOM News", Volume 56 - 2003 N°1

Updated: 30 September 2005