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Bibliography of ICOM Publications 1946 - to date


The Information Centre has based its compilation of the bibliography of ICOM publications from 1946 to date on the works that it has received and stocked. While it tries to give a panorama of the Organisation's publishing policy over the last fifty years, the bibliography is primarily intended as a work tool for identifying ICOM publications, which it must be said are sometimes difficult to get hold of on account of their limited diffusion or confidential nature.

The works themselves are very diverse and come from very varied fields. In order to facilitate using the bibliography, we decided to classify the works into five categories, namely those of ICOM's constituent bodies: the International Committees, International Organisations Affiliated to ICOM, National Committees, Regional Organisations and the General Secretariat. Similarly, to make consultation easy, we put the bibliographical records in each section in chronological order. Please note that apart from several special cases, only documents that have been published are included in the bibliography.

As we cannot claim to be exhaustive, some publications are no doubt missing from our collection and we hope that this work will encourage ICOM members to remedy any lacunae by sending us the relevant documents. In doing so they will help the Information Centre promote their works as fully as possible and enable it to fulfil its role as leading centre for ICOM resources.

Updated: 4 July 2005