ICOM Executive Council
96e Session

8 & 9 June 2000
Paris (France)


1. Reform Task Force
The report and recommendations of the Task Force for Review and Reform of ICOM (ICOM-RTF) were considered as a valuable document and Executive Council agreed with most of the Recommendations. Relevant elements of the RTF recommendations will be integrated in the Triennial Programme 2001-2004.

Some remarks on the RTF recommendations (not real "decisions")
R11: The Executive Council agreed on a new category of membership: student membership, but wishes to study the categories of students who should be involved conditions. ICTOP should be asked to give advice.
R13: The Executive Council recommends clearer rules with regard to Honorary Membership. One of these should be a recommendation of at least three Committees. But the move might come from the Executive Council.
R21: The Executive Council wishes to wait for legal advice on a possible Annual General Assembly during the Advisory Committee meeting.
R28: The Executive Council is in favor of an Nominations Committee.
R49: The Executive Council is in favor of a permanent Financial and Resources Committee (RTF Rec.49).
R52: The Executive Council is in favor of a Standing Committee on ICOM Legal Affairs and Properties (RTF Rec.52).
R51: The Executive Council wishes to wait for a legal advice before taking a decision concerning the constitution of a Bureau composed of all the ICOM Officers, and an elected General Secretary.
ICOM Foundation: The Executive Council wishes to explore the potential of the ICOM Foundation having a more active role.
A joint meeting with the RTF and the Executive Council members will be held on December 3, 2000.

2. Committees of ICOM
The Executive Council considered the revision of the ICOM Code of Ethics, as presented by the Ethics Committee, as positive, and will recommend adoption of this revised Code to the General Conference.
Members of the Ethics Committee have been appointed until June 2003 : Geoffrey Lewis, Chairperson, (United Kingdom); Per Kaks (Sweden); Gary Edson (USA); Shaje’a Tshiluila (Dem. Rep. of the Congo); Kim Byung-mo (Korea); Tereza Scheiner (Brazil); Bernice Murphy (Australia), Representative of the Executive Council; Jean Yves Marin (ICMAH), Representative of the International Committees and Michel van Praet (France), Representative of the National Committees.

The Executive Council wishes to pursue the RTF suggestion that National Committees request from members an annual reconfirmation of their adherence to the ICOM Code of Ethics, as is the practice of the ICOM National Committee in the United Kingdom.

Following the advice of the Advisory Committee, the Executive Council approved the request of International Association of Museums of Arms and Military History (IAMAM) to become an International Committee of ICOM, and the request from ICAA to change its name as follows: International Committee for Museums and Collections of Decorative Arts and Design.

The Executive Council has accepted the provisional establishment of a new International Committee on University Museums. After a three-year trial period, the final decision will be taken on the basis of the activities developed during the three-year trial period. This will also serve as a good method for the establishment of all new International Committees.

With regard to the request to establish a National Committee for the Netherlands Antilles, the Executive Council decided to ask the advice of the National Committee of the Netherlands. The NA is an associate member to UNESCO. Jay Haviser, member of the Dutch National Committee and resident of Curaçao, who was present during the EC-meeting to present the request, was asked to see if the NA is a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency or a party to the Statutes of the International Court of Justice.

3. Finances / Secretariat / Executive Council
The Balance Sheet as at 31/12/99 was endorsed, with a favorable balance of 643126 French Francs. Some additional allocation of funds will be made for these purposes:
extra ICOM-RTF meetings and translations;
extra meetings of the Advisory Committee ;
legal advice on the functioning of the Organisation according to French Law;
new furniture for the Secretariat offices;
temporary staff support for the Documentation Center;
a new member of personnel charged with ICOM’s communication on the Internet .

In future, the budget and the balance sheet should be presented within one single document for better comprehension of members to show both BUDGET and ACTUAL expenditures. More information on the financial reserves will also be added.

In accordance with a decision of the General Assembly, a 3% increase in membership dues was accepted.

The Interim Activity report of the ICOM Secretariat was presented by Manus Brinkman, Secretary General.

The minutes of the Advisory Committee and the Executive Council will be posted on the Internet at the earliest convenient time after meetings have occured.

4. ICOM Working Groups
Following the Conference held in Peru and Bolivia, the Executive Council requested Yani Herreman to prepare a draft project to be included in the 2001-2004 Triennial programme.
Concerning the questionnaire for the Blue Shield, Lucia Astudillo and Christiane Logie will continue the study with the help of Gary Edson.

The Executive Council wishes Cary Karp to prepare a document indicating various possibilities with regard to:
- future use of the VLMP
- use of the domain name ".museum"
- use of the Internet for ICOM membership database/directory purposes.
Proposals will be submitted to the Executive Council via email.

6. General Conferences
ICOM 2001: The Executive Council wishes that:
- the final choice of keynotes speakers should be resolved through communications between the Executive Council and the Organizing Committee as quickly as possible;
- the Director General of UNESCO should be officially invited as soon as possible, and his name should appear on the programme;
- all official documents must be sent to the ICOM Secretariat before publication;
- the Web Site should be available in English and French as soon as possible, with all the relevant information for inscription (fees, detailed programme with costs, list of hotels with prices, programme for accompanying persons etc;
- joint sessions of International Committees should be organised on specific topics like the Blue shield or the friends of museums etc.;
- more space should be made available for joint committee meetings, open meetings or round-table sessions;
- Alissandra Cummins and Sandra Lorimer will draft a letter together for International Committees, to ask them to prepare the content of their meetings meeting for the General Conference before September 2000;
- the price of the participation fee should be a reasonable one, taking into account that many ICOM members already have to pay high travel and accomodation costs;
- ICOM 2001 should see to it that enough cheap accommodation will be available;
- ICOM 2001 should prepare a letter to invite the Mayor of Seoul to participate in the GC of 2001,to be signed by the President of ICOM.

The Executive Council requested the Secretary-General and Joëlle Thibet to be in close contact with the Organizing Committee, and to go to Barcelona at least two times before the General Conference is realised.

ICOM 2004: The Executive Council approved the candidacy of Seoul, Korea, for hosting the 2004 General Conference. The final decision will be endorsed by the ICOM General Assembly in Barcelona in 2001. On behalf of the Executive Council, the President will write an official letter to the Chairman of the Korean National Committee.

5. Other matters
The ICOM Curricula Guidelines for Professional Development in Museums, with a new supporting annexure "Selected Resources for Developing Museology Curricula", as reviewed by ICTOP, were approved and adopted. Yani Herreman, Vice-chairperson of the Executive Council, has expressed the wish to translate this document into Spanish.

The Executive Council has decided to give its patronage to the "XXe Congres international des études byzantines", to be held from August 19 to 25, 2001 in Paris (France).

The Executive Council will meet on December 3 and 6, 2000 in two working session, and on December 7, 2000, in plenary session.

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