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Decisions taken during the 108th Session of the Executive Council - 5th - 7th December 2005 - Vienna, Austria

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The 108th Session of the Executive Council took place in Vienna (Austria), from December 5 to 7, 2005, and was chaired by ICOM President Alissandra Cummins.


The Executive Council

  • adopted the minutes of the 107th Session of the Executive Council held in Paris (France) on 5, 9 and 10 June 2005, Paris (France), with the inclusion of the Treasurer's report;
  • approved the report of the Secretary General;
  • welcomed the interventions by ICOM partners attending the meeting, namely the ICOM Foundation, UNESCO, the World Federation of Friends of Museums, and ICOMOS;
  • agreed to form a working group to investigate a possible collaboration with the WFFM on its Cultural tourism initiative;
  • agreed to jointly investigate areas of collaboration with ICOMOS and to report to the Executive Council's June meeting;
  • agreed to receive the final 2006 budget for consideration and approval by January 31, 2006;
  • approved the regular subsidies for International Committees for 2006, conditional on submission of their annual activity and financial reports;

Members received the reports from ICOM's Standing Committees and

  • look forward to receiving the Ethics Committee's revised draft mandate
  • approved the International Mediation Procedure Over Ownership Dispute submitted by the Legal Affairs and Properties Committee with the support of the Ethics Committee;
  • approved the Legal Affairs and Properties Committee proposal to develop a cooperative agreement with the International Bar Association;
  • agreed to monitor the Texas Tech University pilot development of a Database on National Legislation on the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage before granting formal support;
  • approved, with suggested modifications, the draft Terms of Reference for International Committees, including procedures for their creation, and draft regulations with clarifications on their financial management and reporting responsibilities.
  • agreed to investigate and propose solutions to facilitate the financial management of the International Committees, possibly with support from the Secretariat.
  • requested that nomination procedures proposals for ICOM elections be submitted within the shortest delay possible to ensure compatibility with ICOM statutes.

    The Executive Council also received reports from ICOM Task Forces and Working Groups, and

  • requested a redraft of the Regulations on National Committees, with the inclusion of suggested changes:
  • agreed to the request for a Regional Organizations meeting to be held in June 2006;
  • requested that the necessary changes be made to the draft revised ICOM statutes to ensure compliance with the French Law of 1901 on Associations;
  • agreed that the Disaster Relief Task Force should continue its work on its mandate and draft terms of reference;
  • approved the draft terms of reference for the Cross Cultural Task Force as submitted;
  • set up a working group to develop a publications policy for ICOM prior to the constitution of a Publications Working Group.

    In relation to other items on the agenda, Executive Council members

  • asked the ICOM 2007 Working Group to submit a concrete proposal for the ICOM 2007 theme along with a list of possible speakers by the end of December 2006;
  • accepted the request by ICOM China to change the candidate venue of the General Conference 2010 to the city of Shanghai, and required ICOM China to submit the corresponding budget;
  • agreed in principle on proposed activities to celebrate ICOM's 60th anniversary, pending specifics on budgets and dates;
  • set up a working group to propose a logo for ICOM's 60th anniversary;
  • nominated ICOM past President Jacques Perot Honorary Chair of the 60th Anniversary Celebration.

    The Executive Council, furthermore,

  • agreed to study the recently received ICTOP Curricula Guidelines for Intangible Heritage for future official endorsement consideration;
  • expressed its support for the International Journal on Intangible Heritage initiative promoted by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Korea and the National Folk Museum of Korea, with the support of the ICOM Korea National Committee;
  • approved the draft agendas for the General Assembly and the General Conference, with corrections, and noted that the theme of the Conference will have to be modified as soon as the definitive one is adopted;.
  • set the following dates for future Executive Council meetings in 2006:
    109th Session of the Executive Council: 28 May, 1 and 2 June 2006, Paris
    110th Session of the Executive Council: 4-6 December, 2006, Paris
Updated: 13 January 2006