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Decisions taken during the 107th Session of the Executive Council - 9th and 10th June 2005 - Paris, France

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  1. Adoption of the Agenda
    The agenda was adopted with minor amendments.

  2. Adoption of the Minutes of the 106th Session of the Executive Council
    1st to 3rd December 2004, Paris (France)

    The minutes were adopted; the comments will be incorporated in the minutes of the meeting.

  3. Report of the 67th Session of the Advisory Committee [Günther Dembski]

    The report presented by Günther Dembski, Chairperson of the Advisory Committee, was adopted.

  4. Report of the Secretary General [John Zvereff]
    The report of the Secretary General was approved; the comments will be incorporated in the minutes of the meeting.

  5. Financial Reports [Nancy Hushion, Treasurer]
    The 2004 Balance Sheet and the revised 2005 Budget were adopted by the Executive Council. Members were assured that all future budgets, in particular those for 2006 and 2007, would be coordinated with the Strategic Plan.

    At the close of the meeting, the Treasurer presented a proposal for discussion in December outlining a scaled approach to allocations for the International Committees.
    As for the special projects for 2006, the Executive Council approved the recommended list of projects with corresponding allocations, and decided that the text outlining ICOM's guidelines should be updated and made public in June 2005. The text will be posted on the ICOM Web Site.

  6. ICOM 2004-2010 Strategic Plan [Alissandra Cummins & John Zvereff]
    Executive Council approved in principle the Strategic Plan as presented. Members further noted that the document as it presently stands is primarily destined for ICOM members, and does not yet take into account the fact that it will have additional primary audiences or readers. The Secretary-General was asked to incorporate these concerns into a revised version of the Executive Summary so that it might even serve as a " case statement " for potential funders.

  7. Implementation of the ICOM Strategic Plan 2004-2010
    A proposal outlining a revised mandate and name for the Programme Committee was discussed. Gary Edson was requested to review it as part of the proposed changes to the Statutes. The current Programme Committee Chair and members were thanked for their service which was now complete.

    A. Reports of the Standing Committees

    - Ethics

    Bernice Murphy, Chairperson of the Committee, presented her report, which was approved by the Executive Council. Executive Council authorized the Ethics Committee to update this Committee's mandate for ultimate consideration by Council. The Executive Council also requested that the Ethics Committee review the "International Mediation Process for the Resolution of Disputes over the Ownership of Objects in Museums Collections" document submitted by the Legal Affairs Committee, and report back in time for the Executive Council's meeting in December.

    - MuseDoma

    The Executive Council decided that letters stating ICOM's position should be written to:
    - UNESCO (Cary Karp and Alissandra Cummins) on the priority ICOM would give to the UNESCO/ WSIS agenda;
    - ICANN (Cary Karp) concerning an extension plan until October 2006 ;
    - The Getty Foundation (John Zvereff, with the support of Cary Karp) applying for funding assistance in ensuring the on-going and dynamic character of <.museum> within the context of ICOM's approved strategic plan.

    - Legal Affairs : ICOM's support for the mediation process to solve disputes relating to ownership of cultural property.

    Council members took due note of the document sent by the Legal Affairs Committee. The Executive Council recognize the desirability for the Ethics Committee to advise ICOM on this issue. Contacts between the Chairs of the two Committees will be established for this purpose.

    - International Committees

    Martin Schärer presented the report. In principle the Group's mandate was approved by the Council but the document will have to be reviewed again in December 2005, with some revisions being worked out by Martin Schärer and Per B. Rekdal in cooperation with Gary Edson. Council also agreed to reorienting and appropriately grouping the terms of reference, in order to follow a precise plan for their form and content.
    No new International Committee can be established before the Standing Committee becomes operational. In addition, Yani Herreman, was confirmed to serve as Chairperson of this new Committee.

    - Nominations Committee

    Knut Wik, Chairperson of the Committee, presented the Recommendations and work schedule of the Committee. The two documents were noted by the Executive Council. The Chairperson agreed to produce a further report in December 2005 for consideration to the Executive Council.

    B. Reports of the Reform Groups and Task Forces

    The Executive Council studied and endorsed the composition of the new Committees (list appended). A number of principles were adopted for the composition of the Committees and Groups. The Executive Council approved the proposal to change the French name of Permanent Committee (Comité Permanent) to Comission Permanente.

    - Revision of the ICOM Statutes and Manual of ICOM's Procedures and Policies

    Gary Edson presented two complementary documents. Members indicated the need for some adjustments to Articles 18:1, 20:6, 10:1, 3: 2 and 3:1, as well as the need to include a detailed foreword. The Council decided that the advice of a French legal counsel should be sought to ensure that the revised Statutes comply with the French law of 1901 related to associations. The Secretary General, undertook to find a French legal counsel specialised in this specific domain, as soon as the revised document is received.

    With regard to the Manual on Procedures and Policies, the Executive Council asked that this text be reviewed and re-submitted in December 2005. [There was a need to amend sections 3 and 4 c.(3)]. In the meantime, members should send their comments to Gary Edson who will draw up a work schedule to ensure that these documents will be ready for submission in Vienna, after consultations with the Advisory Committee in 2006, during the General Conference of 2007.

    - Regional Organisations

    The Executive Council approved the report submitted by Gary Edson. Hans-Martin Hinz was appointed as Vice-Chair of the Task Force on National Committees and Regional Organisations.

    - Cross Cultural Task Force

    The Executive Council appointed Amareswar Galla to chair the Cross Cultural Task Force. Members approved the composition of the new body.

  8. Reports of Partners
    Members of the Executive Council took due note of the reports presented by partners and decided that in the future partners should be invited to present these reports during the Advisory Committee, as this would give them greater visibility.

  9. Report on National and International Committees [Eloisa Zell, ICOM Membership Officer]
    - The Task Force on National Committees and Regional Organisations will study the impact of increasing the number of cards issued to institutional members. The trial period of the German National Committee was extended until submission of this report.
    - The Executive Council decided to raise the dues by 3% for individual members only.
    - The Executive Council decided to allocate the amount of 4 100€ to the ICOM Fund.
    - The Secretariat was instructed that efforts should be made to heighten the visibility of National Committees which have contributed to the ICOM Fund (Australia, France, United Kingdom and Switzerland), as well as supporting members, contributors and individual donors.

  10. General Conferences
    - Presentation of the final ICOM 2004 Report by a representative of the ICOM SEOUL 2004 Organising Committee
    The Executive Council congratulated the ICOM 2004 Organising Committee for the magnificent Conference organised in 2004. With regard to the proposed Journal on Intangible Heritage, the Executive Council welcomed the principle of this excellent proposal and asked for a proposal on collaboration with ICOM to be submitted by the National Committee of Korea.

    - Report on the preparation for ICOM 2007 [Armine Wehdorn]
    The Executive Council took due note of the report presented by Armine Wehdorn. They accepted the new dates of the ICOM 2007 General Conference, which now will be held 19 to 24 August 2007, because of a very important Symposium right after ICOM General Conference that could lead to lodging difficulties for the participants. Members of the Executive Council asked for a meeting to be organised between the Working Group on the theme and the Executive Council on the theme of the Conference and the keynote speakers. This session will take place in Vienna (Austria) in December 2005.

    - ICOM 2010
    The Executive Council duly noted the eligible candidacies of China and Russia for the General Conference in 2010. The Executive Council designated two representatives, Nancy Hushion and Michel Van-Praët, to work with the Secretariat to review the two proposed hosts' arrangements and readiness to host ICOM 2010. They will also visit both countries to study their candidacies and provide ICOM with an impartial evaluation in June 2006, during the Advisory Committee and Executive Council sessions.

    - Report on the preparation of the draft Manual of the General Conference and General Assembly [Elisabet Olofsson]
    The Executive Council took due note of the document presented, which will be revised with members of the Group.

  11. Emergency situations Task Force
    Thomas Schuler presented his report, which was approved by the Executive Council. Alissandra Cummins announced that the sum of 45 000 Euro will be transferred to the DRFM Fund. The Group will draft its guidelines (before December 2005), as well as a series of recommendations for ICOM. The Executive Council appointed Thomas Schuler as Chairperson of the Reform Group. Pavel Jirasek will serve as Vice-Chairperson.

  12. Other matters
    Theme of International Museum Day in 2006: Museums and Young People
    Theme of International Museum Day in 2007: Museums as Foundations of Understanding.

    Per Rekdal was appointed Representative of the Executive Council to the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM)

    The Executive Council noted the importance of appropriately commemorating the upcoming 60th anniversary of ICOM in 2006, which will be based on the various proposals presented. Günther Dembski was charged to jointly coordinate these events with the Secretary General.

  13. Dates and places of the forthcoming meetings
    108th Session: 5, 6 and 7 December, 2005, Vienna (Austria)
    109th Session: 28 May, 1st & 2 June 2006, Paris, (France)
Updated: 22 September 2005