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International Museum Day 2012: A
renewed success

International Museum Meeting from
4 to 6 June at UNESCO House, Paris

ICOM signs Memorandum of
Understanding with AFRICOM

Zagreb’s Tactile Gallery

CIDOC Annual Conference

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International Museum Day 2012: A renewed success

Clockwise from top left: National Museum Lagos, Nigeria; Gutenberg Museum, Germany; Museu de Arte Moderna de Sao Paulo, Brazil ; Whanganui Regional Museum, New Zealand; Ullen Sentalu Museum, Indonesia

International Museum Day is celebrated every year to encourage public awareness of the role of museums in the development of society. This year, once again, the event elicited a great deal of enthusiasm around the world.

Activities were organised in museums in nearly 120 countries around the theme “Museums in a changing world. New challenges, new inspirations”. In Brazil, for example, the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo created an original programme combining art, technology and ecology in collaboration with the Escola do Auditório Ibirapuera, the Planetário Artistóteles Orsini and the Escola de Jardinagem. In China, the Shaanxi History Museum de Xi’an inaugurated the exhibition Digital Museums, presenting the digital construction, display, conservation and collections exchanges of museums in Shaanxi. In Lithuania, where museums were highly active, sparked on by the celebration of the national year of museums, the Kaunas City Museum invited visitors to develop their creativity and ecological streak with the workshop “Don’t throw – create a miracle!”, combining creation and recycling.

Once again this year, ICOM patronised the European Night of Museums, an event that heralds in International Museum Day in the spirit of an all-day and all-night museum weekend, and partnered with the CNES Space Observatory, which created a special programme offering a contemporary and original view on museum practice.

ICOM President Dr Hans-Martin Hinz launched IMD from the National Museum in Manama, Bahrain in the company of the Bahraini Minister of Culture, Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, students and young professionals, participants in a 10-day museum workshop organised by the National Committee of Bahrain and led by Chedlia Annabi, in partnership with ICOM Arab, leading up to IMD. Dr Hinz also attended the IMD symposium and celebration in Doha, Qatar alongside the chairpersons of ICOM Qatar, representatives of the Qatar Museums Authority and Qatari museum colleagues. On both occasions, he spoke on the theme of “Challenges and Inspirations”.

Meanwhile, on IMD, ICOM Director General Julien Anfruns delivered the keynote address at the conference "Science Museums and New Technologies" organised by ICOM International Committee CECA (Education and Cultural Action) in Rome, Italy. He was also panellist and keynote speaker at the International Bar Association’s conference “New Art: New Legal Challenges”, held at MAXXI (Museum of the Arts of the XXI Century, Rome).

©Nadav Aronowitz

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of IMD, ICOM launched a photo contest inviting museum visitors around the world to take pictures of themselves displaying the event’s official badge. Thanks to the involvement of museums, 600 photos were received and published on the IMD Facebook page. This year’s winners are Yonit and Efrat in front of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel.
The IMD Facebook page continues to display the testimonies, photos, and comments of International Museum Day participants, and the event’s official website lists more than 250 museum activities organised this year.

IMD 2013 will be celebrated around the theme Museums (Memory + Creativity = Social Change). ICOM hopes that the museum community will continue to widely participate in 2013, contributing to the event’s ongoing success around the world.

ICOM Network

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ICOM Russia
Moscow, Russia
30 May–5 June 2012
International Museum Festival
“Intermuseum 2012”
Theme: Museums and tourism:
Museums integration into the tourist

Venue: Central House of Artists,
Krymsky val, 10, Moscow
More information:

GLASS (ICOM International
Committee for Museums and
Collections of Glass)
NYC, Corning and Toledo, USA
5-9 June and 10-11 June, 2012
Annual Conference
More information:

CIDOC (ICOM International
Committee for Documentation)
Helsinki, Finland,
10-14 June, 2012
Theme: Enriching Cultural Heritage
More information:

ICOM-CC (ICOM International
Committee for Conservation)
ENAMEL Group Experts’ Meeting
preceded by an Enamel Masterclass,
Barcelona, Spain
11-13 June 2012
at the Llotja Advanced School of Art
and Design, Barcelona (Additional
11-13 June (Master Class)/14-15
June (Meeting), 2012
Venue: Llotja Advanced School of Art
and Design (Master Class), Museu
d’Història de Catalunya (Meeting)
Contact: Agnès Gall-Ortlik

ICLM (ICOM International Committee
for Literary Museums)
Olso, Norway
17-20 June 2012
Annual Meeting
Theme: Literary and Composer
Museums and the spirit of the place

Venue: Asker Museum
More information:

OpenCulture 2012
UK Collections Trust annual
London, United Kingdom
26-27 June, 2012
Venue: Kia Oval, London
More information:

ICOM International Bodensee

Meeting of German-speaking Committees
21-23 June, 2012
Wolfurt, Austria
Theme: Das Museumsobjekt (und
seine Wirkung auf den Besucher) -
The museum object (and its impact on the

Contact: icom@icom-oesterreich.at

Communicating the Museum
New York, USA
27-29 June, 2012
Theme: The World is Changing: How
Will Museums Adapt?

Venue: Metropolitan Museum of Art,
Christie’s, MoMA
More information:

The Inclusive Museum Conference

Cave Hill, Barbados
2-5 August, 2012
5th International Conference on the
Inclusive Museum, the University of
the West Indies
More information:

CIMUSET (ICOM International
Committee for Museums and
Collections of Science and
Tampere and Helsinki, Finland
28-31 August, 2012
Theme: Brighter Perspectives for
Science and Technology Museums

More information:

MPR (ICOM International Committee
for Marketing and Public Relations)
Palermo, Italy
9-12 September 2012
Annual Meeting
Theme: Creative communications
Venue: University of Palermo
More information:

ICME (ICOM International Committee
for Museums of Ethnography)
Windhoek, Namibia
12-14 September, 2012
Annual Conference in collaboration
with the ICOM Namibia and Museums
Association of Namibia
Theme: Commodifying Culture?
Cultural Villages and Living Museums

Venue: Safari Court Hotel and
Conference Centre, Windhoek
More information: http://icme.icom.museum

ICTOP (ICOM International
Committee for the Training of
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
13-15 September, 2012
Annual Conference
Theme: Bridges and Boundaries:
Reframing Professional Education for
Museums + Heritage?

Venue: Reinwardt Academy for
Cultural Heritage, School of the Arts
Contact: ictop2012@gmail.com
More information:

ICOM-ASPAC (International Council
of Museums Pacific Alliance)
Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China
24-27 September, 2012
Theme: Today’s Museums:
Interdisciplinary Approaches

Contact: Ivy Huang,

The Best in Heritage
Dubrovnik, Croatia
27-29 September, 2012
Venue: Theatre Marin Držic
Contact: Luka Cipek
More information:

INTERCOM (ICOM International
Committee for Museum Management)
Sydney, Australia
25-29 November, 2012
Theme: #museumchallenges
Venue: Sydney University
More information:

The International Museum Meeting
will be held from 4 to 6 June, 2012,
at UNESCO House in Paris.


Boris Grygorovych Voznitskiy, ex-
Chair of the Ukrainian National
Committee of ICOM (1992-2008) and
member of ICOM since 1976, passed
away on 23 May, 2012. Academician
of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine,
Director General of the Lviv Gallery of
Arts, Honoured Culture Worker of
Ukraine and Poland, and laureate of
the Taras Shevchenko National
Award (1990), Mr Grygorogych
Voznitskiy will be greatly missed by
all those who had the pleasure of
knowing and working with him. ICOM
Ukraine mourns this tragic loss, and
expresses its sincerest condolences
to all of the family, friends and
colleagues of Mr Grygorogych

International Museum Meeting from 4 to 6 June at UNESCO House, Paris

The ICOM Annual Meetings are held two out of every three years, alternating with the General Conference. This year, now known as the International Museum Meeting, the event will be held from 4 to 6 June at the UNESCO House in Paris.

Beyond the administrative meetings held during the event, this is also an opportunity to reflect together and to share ideas. Thematic working groups allow participants to dialogue around three themes:

* Museum management in a changing context
* Illicit trafficking: a comprehensive approach to an international issue
* Museums and excellence

Practical workshops will also be organised in order to allow participants to discuss important topics for ICOM, including the development of programmes, the improvement of the Annual Meetings and the strengthening of recognition for International Committees within the network.

Finally, Amit Sood, director of the Google Art Project, will speak on 6 June: he will present the project’s concept in detail, describe the way in which museums can get involved, explain the project’s strategic vision for the future, and more generally, offer a vision for the future of museums in a digital context. Since early April, the Google Art Project counts 155 museums, with 32,000 works available in very high resolution. It has been subject to both interest and criticism from the museum community, and this encounter with Amit Sood on 6 June is an opportunity to discuss expectations and concerns.

Reminder: The ICOM General Assembly will be held on Wednesday, 6 June at 9:30.


ICOM signs Memorandum of Understanding with AFRICOM

Dr Hans-Martin Hinz, President of ICOM, Dr Ruth Sithole, Executive Director of AFRICOM, Mr Nath Mayo Adediran, President of AFRICOM and Mr Julien Anfruns, Director General of ICOM

On 1 May, 2012, ICOM signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM) during the 2012 AAM Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo in Minneapolis, USA.

Originally a Regional Alliance and subsequently an Affiliated Organisation of ICOM, with the signing of the MoU, AFRICOM will represent ICOM positions and actions in Africa, in consultation with ICOM Secretariat. ICOM and AFRICOM agree to cooperate with each other through their appropriate bodies; both parties will ensure communication and exchanges on shared subject areas and encourage participation in their respective meetings.

They will strive to develop collaborative actions in the following areas of common interest: the establishment of documentation standards; the fight against illicit trafficking in heritage programmes and/or projects, accompanied by a campaign aimed at raising awareness among the public and local authorities on illicit traffic, fraud and the forging of documents in Africa, as well as and seminars and training sessions; the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue addressed by cultural policies in Africa; the promotion of African regional integration through museum events; the promotion of exchanges, the unity of museum and heritage professionals across Africa in order to share knowledge and experiences; the undertaking of action for the promotion of the role of African museums in the areas of sustainable development, cultural tourism, tangible and intangible heritage; and the encouragement of African international cooperation through regional approaches in different parts of the African continent.

Other forms of collaboration include joint meetings to be organised during the respective General Conferences of the parties; the participation of one member of AFRICOM in the ICOM Disaster Relief for Museum Task Force (DRTF); and the funding of cooperative activities, to be decided by the parties on a case-by-case basis.
ICOM President Dr Hans-Martin Hinz and AFRICOM President Mr Nath Mayo Adediran expressed their great satisfaction at the signing of this agreement, which marks a significant step in the joint involvement of both organisations in the revitalisation of the museum sector, particularly in Africa.

Museum News
Zagreb’s Tactile Gallery

Since 2009, the innovative Tacile Gallery, developed within the Modern Gallery in Zagreb, has granted the blind and partially sighted with access to visual artworks. Three works – paintings, sculptures or bas-reliefs, which count among the major Croatian artworks of the 19th and 20th centuries – are exhibited on a rotating basis in this space in the heart of the museum, open to all.

This multisensory approach to art is based on a precise analysis of the works, which has allowed for the creation of a number of glass tactile diagrams, exhibited below the original works and presenting various aspects: a general overview, perspective, details, texture, colours, light and more. An audio guide, in English or Croatian, helps visitors to discover each work.

This Tactile Gallery, designed by Nataša Jovičić, art historian and Director of the Jasenovac Memorial, is the first in Eastern Europe to provide visitors with the possibility of seeing by “touch and sound”. This formula, which interests sighted as well as blind and partially-sighted visitors, offers a new way of experiencing art to all, creating opportunities for exchange.

© Modern Gallery, Zagreb

Please send us your news. For further information, contact Sara Heft (sara.heft@icom.museum) at ICOM Headquarters.
Nota bene: Aedín Mac Devitt will be on maternity leave until the end of June.


New Trends in Museology by Peter
van Mensch and Léontine Meijer-van
Mensch, museologists at
Amsterdam’s Reinwardt Academy of
Cultural Heritage, provides an
overview of current issues facing
museology in contemporary society.
Aiming to bridge the gap between
theory and practice in order to help
museum practitioners adapt new
strategies and practices in a rapidly
changing world, contents are
arranged in six chapters: “Collection
development and the concept of
‘dynamic’ collections”; “Learning and
experience design”; “Participation”;
“Performance measurement”;
“Integrated heritage perspectives”;
and “Museum ethics”. The work is the
fruit of continuing collaboration
between the authors and the Celje
School of Museology (Slovenia), part
of the Museum of Recent History
Ceje, which has organised a number
of museology workshops in Celje
with their participation in recent

New Trends in Museology, Léontine
Meijer-van Mensch and Peter van Mensche, Celje: Museum of Recent History Celje,
Slovenia, 2011, 119 pages.

Order from: Museum of Recent
History, Celje (Slovenia),
Price: €15

Participate in
CIDOC Annual Conference

The CIDOC annual conference 2012 will be organized in Helsinki, Finland, from 10 to 14 June, 2012, with the National Museum of Finland as the main venue. Sessions, workshops and receptions will also be held at the Finnish National Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, the Design Museum and the Finnish Sports Museum, all located in the centre of the city.

Under the title "Enriching Cultural Heritage", developments, achievements and visions will be discussed, alongside new possibilities offered for the cultural heritage sector by the developing information society. CIDOC 2012 Helsinki will offer an array of keynote speakers and forums for dialogue, encouraging contributions on a broad range of subjects, welcoming new and emerging research, innovations and results from participants interested in sharing their accomplishments with colleagues.

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