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ICOM-CC holds its 16th Triennial

Editorial Meeting for the Emergency Red List of Egyptian
Cultural Objects at Risk

Training seminars in Mediation at

35 years of International Museum Day

New strategic partnerships in
Singapore’s heritage sector

Where will the ICOM General
Conference be held in 2016?

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ICOM-CC holds its 16th Triennial Conference

The ICOM International Committee for Conservation, ICOM-CC, is organising its 16th Triennial Conference in Lisbon, lisbon Portugal from 19 to 23 September with the aim of gathering museum professionals from all over the world who have a particular interest in museum conservation. The conference theme - Cultural Heritage/Cultural Identity: The Role of Conservation - aims to capture communities’ growing recognition of the importance of affirming their cultural heritage in the age of globalisation. The conference will explore the various conservation policies that exist as well as scientific methods for studying materials and technologies with a view to understanding the role of conservation in promoting cultural heritage.

With its 21 working groups, ICOM CC is the largest International Committee within ICOM. The committee is made up of conservators, scientists, curators and other professionals who collaborate, study and promote the conservation and analysis of culturally and historically significant works.

During the conference some 1,000 participants will exchange on several hot topics in the field of heritage conservation today, such as the relationships between cultural heritage and cultural identity; national and international conservation policies; the importance of interdisciplinarity in the conservation of cultural heritage; and the development of research and education in heritage conservation.

Committee members will also present and discuss the results of the committee's work over the last three years. Working Group coordinators and the committee's Board of Directors will also be elected during the conference for a term of three years.

Thanks to the Getty Foundation, ICOM has allocated a number of travel grants to museum and/or conservation professionals from low or lower middle income countries to attend the ICOM CC Triennial Conference. For further details on the conference, or should you wish to register, visit the following dedicated website:

(Photo: Tile panel (Lisbon Great View, detail Cais do Sodré) 18th Century [c. 1700] © IMC / MC)

ICOM Network

Save the date!

4 - 9 September
Sibiu, Romania
CIDOC (ICOM International Committee for Documentation)
Theme: Knowledge management and museums
More information: http://www.brukenthalmuseum.eu/

12 September
Paris, France
Training Seminar on Art and Cultural Heritage Mediation ICOM-WIPO
Venue: 22 rue de Palestro 75002 Paris, France
Contact: Samia Slimani, samia.slimani@icom.museum

12 - 16 September
Copenhagen, Denmark
INTERCOM (ICOM International Committee on Management)
Annual Conference
Theme: Museums and Politics
More information:
Contact: Françoise McClafferty,

16 - 21 September
Zagreb, Croatia
Annual Conference of CECA (ICOM International Committee for Education and Cultural Action)
Theme: OLD QUESTIONS, NEW ANSWERS: quality criteria for museum education
More information:

17 - 20 September
Brno, Czech Republic
Annual Conference of MPR (ICOM International Committee for for Marketing and Public Relations)
Theme: Measuring (and Promoting) Museum Success
Venue: Silesian Museum (Slezske zemske muzeum)
More information:
Contact: Carol Scott,

19 - 23 September
Lisbon, Portugal
ICOM-CC 16th Triennial Conference (ICOM International Committee for Conservation)
Theme: Cultural Heritage/Cultural Identity – The Role of Conservation
More Information:
http://icom-cc.icom.museum and
Contact: info@icom-cc2011.org

21 - 23 September
Graz, Austria
A joint event of the Styrian Armoury, the Museum Academy and ICOMAM (ICOM International Committee for Museums of Arms and Military History)
Theme : Does war belong in museums?
Venue: Universalmuseum Joanneum, Landeszeughaus

21 - 24 September
Lisbon, Portugal
XI UMAC Annual Meeting 2011 (ICOM International Committee for University Museums and Collections)
Theme: University Museums and Collections: University History and Identity
Venue: Museum of Science, University of Lisbon
More Information:
http://umac.icom.museum and www.mc.ul.pt/umac2011/home
Contact: Marta Lourenço umac2011@museus.ul.pt

22 – 25 September
Budapest, Hungary
Annual Conference of ICOM Germany and ICOM Hungary
Theme:Ways to the Museum – Ways through the Museum. New Challenges for New Museum Professionals
Venue: Hungarian National Museum, Budapest
More Information:
Contact: icom@icom-deutschland.de

5 October
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Business of Heritage Conference by the National Heritage Board (NHB)
Themes: Running World Class Museums and Making Heritage Work
Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore
Contact: Ms. Stella Clare Wee,
Tel: +65 6332 4259

Editorial Meeting for the Emergency Red List of Egyptian Cultural Objects at Risk

On 28 July in Cairo, Egypt, ICOM’s Programmes department conducted an editorial meeting in order to draft the Emergency Red List of Egyptian Cultural Objects at Risk, in collaboration with members of the ICOM International Committee for Egyptology (CIPEG) and the ICOM Executive Council. During the meeting, decisions were made on which Egyptian cultural objects that are most vulnerable to illicit trafficking would be included in the List.

The meeting followed months of work by experts from the national and international museum community, academic institutions and Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. The role of ICOM and its experts is to monitor closely and understand the underlying trends in the black market of Egyptian objects, in order to make the List as pertinent as possible. Vulnerable artefacts presented in the List vary from those pertaining to daily life to those of a religious or ceremonial nature.

The decision to launch an Emergency Red List for Egypt followed the events that took place in the country in January 2011. In the aftermath of such situations, thefts of non-inventoried objects from archaeological sites and conservation institutions may become widespread, contributing to smuggling and illicit trading in art objects and antiquities.

The ICOM Red Lists are recognised effective and practical tools that help heritage professionals, art and antiquities dealers, and most importantly, police and custom officials to identify objects protected by legislation that are at risk of being illicitly exported or sold.

The Emergency Red List of Egyptian Cultural Objects at Risk will be published this autumn in five languages, thanks to the generous support of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It will be distributed worldwide and will be freely available on the internet

(Photo: Canopic jars made of alabaster or limestone with lids in the shape of human or animal heads. © The Walters Art Museum )

Training seminars in Mediation at ICOM

To launch the new Art and Cultural Heritage Mediation programme, developed and implemented by ICOM and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Centre, a series of theoretical and practical training seminars will begin in September.

The first seminar is intended to raise awareness of Art and Cultural Heritage Mediation and is intended for museum professionals who are likely to use this alternative method of dispute settlement and who wish to become familiar with the mediation process. Following a theoretical presentation of the ICOM-WIPO mediation model, participants will take part in a simulation of a mediation meeting based on a fictitious case created by ICOM and WIPO, which will be run by three external speakers and experienced mediators from the ICOM-WIPO list. This first seminar will be held in French on Monday, 12 September, 2011 in the afternoon, in ICOM’s premises at 22 rue de Palestro, 75002 Paris, France.

The second seminar will train mediators and any museum or legal professionals who would like to become a mediator, in the role mediator and mediation techniques. After a theoretical presentation of the ICOM-WIPO mediation model, the participants will be trained to draft mediation clauses and submission agreements as well as to prepare and conduct the mediation process. Participants will be given a context and be placed alternately in the roles of the parties in dispute and the mediator, with a view to resolving a fictitious case on issues relating to cultural heritage and intellectual property. This training session will be run by two external speakers who are experts in cultural heritage and have extensive experience in mediation: Jean-François Canat and Jon Lang. On 17 and 18 October, 2011, this training seminar for mediators in art and cultural heritage will be held in English, in the ICOM premises in Paris.

These first two training seminars will allow the heritage community to become familiar with ICOM and WIPO’s new programme on Art and Cultural Heritage Mediation.


35 years of International Museum Day

Since 1977, ICOM has celebrated International Museum Day, which is a fantastic opportunity for museum professionals to meet the public and to highlight the issues facing museums and how important they are for the development of society. Museums in a Changing World. New Challenges, New Inspirations is the theme of this year’s edition. In 2012, International Museum Day will celebrate its 35th anniversary!


The English version of volume
6 of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage has been published. It can be downloaded free of charge from the journal’s website http://www.ijih.org.
Seven articles present case studies which report on diverse experiences led in museums or in the cultural sector for the protection and transmission of intangible heritage. One article also explains the implementation of a method to develop an inventory of intangible heritage in Portugal in response to instructions for the implementation of UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

International Journal of Intangible Heritage / Amareswar Galla (editor-in-chief); National Folk Museum of Korea. Volume 6. Seoul: National Folk Museum of Korea, 2011. 123 p. ISBN 11-1370152-000089-10. ISSN 1975-3586. E-ISSN 1975-4019. (in English)

Museum News
New strategic partnerships in Singapore’s heritage sector

The National Heritage Board (NHB) Academy has signed a Memorandum of Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding with the Smithsonian Institution and Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS) to raise standards in Singapore’s museum and heritage sector.

The NHB Academy and the Smithsonian Institution will co-develop a training programme and organise workshops for museum professionals over two years.

The Academy will also work with TMIS in order to strengthen the training plan and provide heritage-based workshops for tourism guides.

These agreements also mark the official launch of the NHB Academy which was set up to serve as a centre of excellence in specialist and professional museum training, and to promote Singapore as a regional hub for museum scholarship and research on Singapore and Asia in general.

Participate in
Where will the ICOM General Conference be held in 2016?

The bidding procedure is now open for the hosting of ICOM’s 24th General Conference in 2016. All active ICOM National Committees can apply. For more details on the bidding process, please consult the Bidding Manual (download here).

A letter of intent should be sent to ICOM General Secretariat by 30 October, 2011 at icom2016@icom.museum. Full applications must be received at the same address by 15 January, 2012. Any bidding application submitted, for which a letter of intent was not previously received at the General Secretariat, will not be considered.

All inquiries can be addressed to Ms Yu Zhang at yu.zhang@icom.museum up until the closing of the bidding procedure.

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