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Guidelines for Disaster Preparedness in Museums
Off-print from the handbook "Museum Security and Protection" ICOM/ICMS With the support of UNESCO

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It is fortunate that disasters do not occur every day in museums and galleries. The very rarity of them can lead to a situation where we hope for the best and are reluctant to prepare for the worst! Forethought and planning can prevent an emergency becoming a disaster and minimise the injury and damage to people and collections. It is hoped that this publication will help all who are responsible for museums and galleries to prepare for the worst. Thoughtful planning, energetic preparation and training can all lead to calm, decisive action in an emergency.
Bryan Dovey Chairman, ICMS

Comité international pour la sécurité dans les musées = International Committee for Museum Security
Günther Dembski (scienfic ed.) ; ICOM/ICMS. - Paris : ICOM, 1997. - 32 p., ill. (Cahiers d'étude = Study series ; 4). - ISBN 92-9012-038-X. - ISSN 1020-5543

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Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel
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