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Cultural emergency relief in Galle, Sri Lanka
With 25,000 euro provided by Cultural Emergency Response (CER) the team of Sri Lankan underwater archaeological experts in Galle can resume its work. In Galle, 23,000 houses were destroyed and in the context of the current relief effort, it is impossible to provide accommodation for people from out of town, like the experts, in the short term. If the team does not stay together in Galle, the future of the Maritime Archaeological Unit and underwater archaeology in Sri Lanka will be endangered. The discipline is important not just for Dutch-Sri Lankan heritage, but other shared histories too.

CER's donation not only means that the team can be housed, but moreover allows the experts-divers and curators-to commence the professional retrieval of artefacts including the canon and anchor of the 'Avondster'. Appropriate containers with lids will be purchased; recovered objects need to be conserved in fresh water in closed containers to prevent health risks. Open, stagnant fresh water is the habitat of the ' zebra mosquito' that can transfer breakbone fever.

For further information and visual material for the press, contact:
Cultural Emergency Response, Prince Claus Fund, Lieke Vervoorn,
Tel +31 (0)70.427.4303