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11 February 2010

Haitian Crisis unit expresses its needs

This report summarizes the needs expressed by Crisis Unit “Patrimoine en Danger” to conduct the most urgent emergency operations for all types of heritage sites and objects. The Blue Shield partners are actively working on this list and on the most efficient way of giving adequate support to our friends and colleagues from Haiti.

Urgent Needs for Haiti heritage by Crisis unit Patrimoine en Danger

9 February 2010

Haiti Earthquake
ICOM published the second damage assessment Report:
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5 February 2010

Haiti Earthquake
ICOM shares the grief of the Haitian people so deeply affected by the earthquake on 12 January and wishes to thank all those, citizens, ICOM members, National or International ICOM Committees, partners from other associations and organisations who expressed their solidarity and wish to help Haitian people and cultural heritage. ICOM and the other Blue Shield partners are making every effort to assess the needs and prepare the most appropriate actions to be taken.
You will find on ICOM’s website a first damage assessment:

Haiti Blue Shield Statement

Damaged Museums

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