List of Museums in the affected area

Museums in Gaza

Damage or Loss

El Mat’haf: private
archaeological museum

As there didn’t exist yet a major museum in Gaza, Jawdat N. Khoudary built a new museum of 280 sq m; it opened in August 2008 in Sudaniyah (north of Gaza City).


The Israeli tanks stopped 200 meter before the museum (its coordinates had been communicated to the Israeli Forces).

Museum staff had been evacuated. Nobody was injured
The conference Hall was hit, but walls and roof are basically intact. Windows and doors were smashed and some showcases have been damaged. The repair of the building has already started.
12 amphorae had been cracked by side effects of shelling. None of them is completely destroyed; all can be put together again by skilled museum staff.

Gaza vitrine
  El Mat’haf: private archaeological museum


Damage or Loss

Gaza Archaeological Museum Project

The project of a big public Gaza Museum of Archaeology is sponsored by UNESCO and in 2006 entrusted to a Board of Trustees by the Palestinian Authority. The project is planned in Blakhiyah (north of Gaza City) on the site of the ancient seaport Anthédon (potential World Heritage site). It will be based on Jawdat N. Khoudary’s collections and receives scientific and technical support from the Musées d’art et d’histoire of the City of Geneva.
Roman masonry was partially damaged.
Collection No damage reported.