International Conferences and Congresses
Emergency Preparedness and Response

You will find herewith a list of International Conferences and Congresses. This list is not comprehensive. Please help us keep this up to date. If you know of any change or any necessary addition, let us know, and we shall be happy to make the necessary changes on this page. The list is classed by Country.

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Title: Threatened Museums. Disaster, Theft, Terrorism ("Bedrohte Museen. Naturkatastrophen, Diebstahl, Terror")
From: 18th of May 2003 To: 21st of May 2003
Place: Bregenzer Festspiel- und Kongreßhaus
City: Bregenz Organizer: ICOM-Austria National Committee in cooperation with ICOM National Committees of Germany and Switzerland
Contact Person: Armine Wehdorn, ICOM-Austria E-mail: Address: ICOM - Österreichisches Nationalkomitee, Burgring 5, A-1010 Wien
Tel/Fax: +43 1 40420 6631 / +43 1 40420 6695
Description: ICOM's three national committees within the German speaking region meet every third year at the Lake Constance Symposium (former: Lindau-Symposium) for an international conference. After the overwhelming impact of the floods in August 2002 on parts of Austria, Czech Republic and Germany the organizing committee proposed to change the subject to this actual topic. But the conference dealt not only with flood disaster, it also covered four other topics: fire, theft, minimizing risks, protection of cultural property. The papers have been published by ICOM-Austria in 2004.

Title: Security and Disaster Management in Museums ("Sicherheit und Katastrophenschutz im Museum")
From: 21st of October 2002 To: 22nd of October 2002
Place: Diözesanmuseum Graz
City: Graz Organizer: ICOM-Austria National Committee
Contact Person: Heimo Kaindl, Diözesanmuseum Graz E-mail:
Address: Mariahilfplatz 3, A-8020 Graz
Tel/Fax: +43 316 713994 / +43 316 710224
Description: This Seminary had been planned in autumn 2001 - well before floods devastated parts of Austria. This coincidence stresses one central message of the meeting: to be always prepared, because disasters occur without early warning. The subject was dealt with in three sections: disasters caused by nature; human impact (e.g. war); preventive measures. The papers have been published in 2003.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Title: Catastrophies and Catastrophy Management in Museums
From: 17th of April 2001 To: 21st of April 2001
Place: Zemaljski Muzei and Rooms of Dom Armije
City: Sarajevo
Organiser: Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum Innsbruck and Zemaljski
Contact person: Dr Dzenana Buturovic
Contact person: Gerhard M. Tarmann
Contact person: Dr Sylvia Mader
Address: Zemalijski Muzej Bosne i Herzegovine Zmaja of Bosne 3 BIH-71000 Sarajevo, Tel/Fax: + 387 33 262 710
Description: Both museums have suffered from ware and have experience in protecting and restoring their infrastructure and collections. This congress was organised in different general thematic sessions as well as the general sessions which were focused on: earth and science collection, biological collection, historical collections and art collection.


Title: Disasters Prevention in Storage Areas
From: 6th of November 2000 To: 10th of November 2000
Place: Laboratoire de Conservation, Restauration et Recherche
City: Draguignan
Organiser: International Committee of Blue Shield
Contact person: Jacques Ribière and William Mourey
E-mail contact:
Address: Centre du Var 19 rue Frédéric Mireur 83300 Draguignan Tel: + 33 4 94 68 90 15 Fax: +33 4 94 85 04 04


Title: Preparing for the Worst, Planning for the Best: Protection our Cultural Heritage from Disaster
From: 30th of July 2003 To: 1st of August 2003
Place: Akademie der Wissenschaften
City: Berlin
Organiser: Akamedie der Wissenschaften
Contact person: Johanna Wellheiser
E-mail contact:
Address: Jägerstraße 22/23 10117 Berlin-"Mitte" Tel: +49 30 20 37 00 Fax: +49 30 20 37 05 00
Description: This programme is designed to inform and enable library and archives administrators effectively to prepare for, react and respond to, and recover from disasters, both natural and man-made. It was focused on learn about national level policy planning and local initiatives, find out about the International Committee of the Blue Shield, share the experience of disaster plans action (theory and practice), understand the human factor in disaster response, hear about critical lessons (flood, fire, hurricane, etc.), explore priorities for salvage of collections, hear about disaster management developments and models for risk assessment and discover new recovery techniques and technologies.

Title: Disaster Management for Cultural Institutions (Focused on Museums) ("Katastrophenschutz für kulturelle Einrichtungen" (Schwerpunkt Museum)
Date: 27th of November 2002
Place: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Münzkabinett City: Dresden Organizer: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Generaldirektion
Contact Person: Martin Roth E-mail:
Contact Person: Bettina Pobst
Contact Person: Michael John Address: Georg-Treu-Platz 2, 01067 Dresden Tel/Fax: +49 351 4914700 /: +49 351 4914777
Description: The heavily affected Dresden State Art Collections had been very efficient in rescuing threatened works of art: about 23.000 objects had been moved and saved within a very short time. But this was mainly due to very high commitment of staff and citizens as well as to the art of improvisation. It was not the result of thorough preparation on such a disaster; e. g. the relatively new painting depot proved to be inadequately protected from floods. Before going ahead with their new plans on disaster preparedness, on disaster management and especially on building a new depot, the museum organized this hearing of national and international experts, among others Ken Golding (Heritage Safety Management Services, GB) and Wilbur Falk (Getty Conservation Institute, USA). The papers have been published by Dresden State Art Collections in 2003.

Title: Floods and Museums ("Hochwasser und Museen")
From: 19th of October 2002 To: 20th of October 2002
Place: Wasserschloß Klaffenbach
City: Chemnitz Organizer: Saxonian Museums Association in cooperation with Museums Associations of Sachsen-Anhalt and Thuringia (sponsorship)
Contact Person: Thomas Schuler E-mail: Address: Wasserschloßweg 6, D-09123 Chemnitz Tel/Fax: +49 371 2601007
Description: Only directors of damaged museums were invited. After eight extremely difficult weeks they left their town (mostly for the first time after the floods) for an exchange of experiences. Meeting their colleagues had the quite important aim of allowing a bit of distance from local problems and help each other to cope better with the physical and mental stress of disaster experience and of recovery efforts. The lasting outcome was an intense brainstorming about everything one should have prepared better or at least should have thought of. Fresh memories and a great diversity of situations and problems were a very good source to compile a checklist of preventive measures (published in 2003).


Title: Natural Disasters Mitigation
From: 19th of February 2004 To: 21st of February 2004
Place: The Institution of Engineers
City: New-Delhi
Organiser: The Institution of Engineers
Contact person: Prof. Jose Medem Sanjuan (Spain)
Contact person: Prof. G. P. Lal
E-mail contact:
Address: The Institution Of Engineers Bahadurshah Zafar Marg New Delhi 11002 Tel: +91 11 33 70 168/ 33 70 548 Fax: +91 11 33 78 851
Description: The object of the World Congress is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for engineers, architects, planners, technocrats, scientists, disaster managers, international and voluntary agencies and others working for the field of natural disaster mitigation and management to meet and share ideas, achievements and experiences. Exclusive time will be provided for authors to present their work through poster sessions and interact with delegates of eminence in their chosen specialised fields.

Title: Disaster Management, Infrastructure, and Control Systems (DMIC)
From: 29th of October 2003 To: 31st of October 2003
Place: Jawaharlal Nehry Technological University
City: Hyderabad
Organiser: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
Contact person: Prof. Anjaneyulu
E-mail contact: and
Address: Centre for Environment Institute of Post Graduate Studies Jawaharlal Nehry Technological University Mahaveer Marg Hyderabad 500 028 Tel: + 91 040 55 58 97 06
Description: This conference focused on the mitigation of disasters through control systems and infrastructure development. It is aimed at a wide, interdisciplinary audience with the goal of providing a common platform to discuss and plan disaster preventive measures, compare strategies and experiences from around the world, and broadly disseminate information. Conference themes include disasters that are geologic, medical, terrorist, and water and climate related.

Title: Disaster Management-Case Histories of Disasters
From: 14th of November 2003 To: 16th of November 2003
Place: Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences
City: Pilani
Organiser: Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS)
Contact person: Satyendra P. Gupta
E-mail contact: and
Address: Civil Engineering Group Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Vidhya Vihar Campus Pilani Rajasthan 333031 Tel: +91 01596 24 50 73/4 Fax: +91 01596 24 41 83
Description: The focus of the conference will be on earthquakes, floods, cyclones, and drought. Conference organizers have solicited a wide variety of case histories of disaster management from around the world. Case studies and histories will be presented with the goal of learning from others' experiences and building a multidisciplinary common network of best practices and policies.


Title: Preservation Strategies
From: 25th of June 2002 To: 29th of June 2002
Place: Centro Culturale Grand Hotel Dobbiaco
City: Dobbiaco/Toblach (Bolzano Province)
Organiser: Archivo di Stato Bolzano
E-mail contact:
Address: Co-ordination with: Conference Secretary European Commission on Preservation and Access (ECPA) Archivo di Stato PO Box 19121 Via A.Diaz 8 NL-1000 GC Amsterdam 39100 Bolzano Tel: +31 20 551 08 39 Tel: + 39 0471 26 42 95 Fax: + 31 20 620 49 41 Fax: + 39 0471 40 71 76
Description: Archival and library institutions are making great efforts to increase awareness of the importance of preservation of documents. A broad survey showed, however, that many public and private institutes do not yet have staff trained in preservation. Preservation covers many activities, from storage to digitisation. Buildings should be well equipped, and the advantages of the new media should be explored. The conference will deal with the many aspects of preservation. The plenary sessions were focused on risk assessment, choices for preservation of originals, scientific research and preservation, substitutes for access, premises and the restoration of historical buildings and parallel sessions on technical and scientific solutions, experience in book and document restoration, migration information, training, networks and access projects.


Title: New Technologies and the Improvement of Greatest Risk Management
From: 15th of March 2004 To: 17th of March 2004
Place: To be confirmed
City: Kénitra
Organiser: University Cadi Ayyad; CEPRIS and CNRST
Contact person: Azelarab El Mouraouah and El Arbi Toto
E-mail contact: and
Address: To be confirmed Tel: + 212 61 42 17 52 Fax: + 212 37 77 13 34
Description: The main purposes of this seminar are: to communicate and exchange point of views in risk prevention through specialist analysis and to enforce the partnerships between university , research centres and other actors linked with this sector. The expected results are the formulation of specific proposals from technique and scientific development and the identification of areas upon which scientific efforts should be conducted.


Title: Protection of Cultural Proterty 2002
From: 23rd of September 2002 To: 25th of September 2002
Place: Federal Office for Civil Protection
City: Bern
www: http//
Organiser: Federal Office for Civil Protection and UNESCO
Contact person: Jan Hladìk
E-mail contact:
Contact person: Rino Büchel
E-mail contact: rino.bü
Address: Federal Office Civil Protection Cultural Property Section (KGS) Monbijoustrasse 51A 3003 Bern Tel: + 41 31 322 51 56
Description: The aim is to strengthen co-operation at national level, in particular with relevant offices in the Swiss specialised offices like DFA or DHA. In many countries, protection of cultural property involves only the military sphere. Experience from many conferences has shown that Switzerland could offer an ideal platform to discuss civilian efforts.

Trinidad and Tobago

Title: Mitigating the Consequences of Natural Disasters for Caribbean Libraries and Archives
From: 21st of May 2004 To: 22nd of May 2004
Place: National Library Building
City: Port-of-Spain
Organiser: National Library Building
Contact person: Janice Blake and Shamin Renwick
E-mail contact: and and
Address: Adult Library, First Floor National Library Building Hart and Abercromby Streets Tel: + 1 868 645 4673/5253 or + 1 868 676 7537 Fax: + 1 868 662 1392
Description: The purpose of the preconference is to discuss the risks of hurricanes and other natural disasters, how to deal with them and take adequate preventive measures in order to mitigate their consequences. It was expected that attendants weave a network of experts and professionals capable of helping each other in the event of disaster. Around a hundred participants representing various cultural institutions and actors from the civil society were expected from around the Caribbean.

United Kingdom

Title: Holocene Environmental Catastrophes and Recovery
From: 2nd of September 2002 To: 7th of September 2002
Place: Brunel University
City: London
Organiser: Brunei University
Contact person: Prof. Suzanne A.G. Leroy
E-mail contact:
Address: Department of Geology and Earth, Brunel University Uxbridge, Midlesex UB8 3PH, (West London) Tel: + 44 1895 20 31 78 or + 44 1895 20 32 15 Fax: + 44 1895 20 32 17
Description: The conference focused its themes on geological catastrophes and their impact on society, earthquakes, tsunami, fires and volcano eruptions, environmental causes of civilisation collapse, biological impacts on society (extinction, epidemic, plague, haemorrhage, etc. and climatological impacts on society (historical droughts). An informal pre-conference was planned in Scottish Highlands from the 26th to the 31st August 2002.

United States

Title: Disaster Preparedness
From: 15th of March 2004 To: 16th of March 2004
Place: The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
City: Oklahoma city
Organiser: Oklahoma Museums Association
Address: Oklahoma Museums Association 2100 NE 52nd Street Oklahoma City - OK 73111 Tel: +1 405 424 7757
Description: This seminar is divided into two parts, the first one was about bare bones of disaster planning and the second one was about post-disaster response. Focused topics involved situation evaluation, damage assessment, media destruction, health and safety issues, and salvage techniques.

Title: Technology Disaster: Planning for Them and Recovering from Them
From: 20th of June 2003
City: Toronto
Address: MTCC-Metro Toronto Convention Centre Tel: +1 800 545 2433 4270 Fax: +1 312 280 3257
Description: Topics presented and discussed were about disaster recovery team, disaster recovery plan, minimising the impacts of disaster on the library technology, and the major recovery procedures.

Title: Lessons Learned in Emergencies: Not your Ordinary Disaster Conference
From: 21st March 2002
Place: National Archives at College Park
Organiser: NARA
Contact person: Eleanor Torain
E-mail contact:
Address: NARA 8601 Adelphi Road College Park, MD 20740-6001 Tel: +1 301 713 6718 Fax: +1 301 713 6653
Description: The conference brought together archivists, librarians and conservators to discuss the practical aspects of disaster prevention and mitigation. The conference focused on several topics such as, practical, experience-based examples of how emergency situations are handled in archives, libraries, and museums to mitigate against disaster and confusion recovery of non-paper records, such as artefacts, film, audio-video tape, and electronic media; how to minimise the damage to papers, bound volumes, books tapes, films, etc. during building renovation; changes in fire suppression technology; what we have learned from fire tests; how to keep track of hastily removed materials.