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2001 "Museums: building community"


Bibliography (1970-2000)

General approaches


ARCHIBALD, Robert. A place to remember: Using history to build community. Nashville, AltaMira Press, 1999. 223 p. (AASLH series). ISBN 0-7619-8943-9.

The author, a well-known public historian, through his personal experience, explores the intersections of history, memory and community and reveals how we participate in the making and sustaining of community. He illustrates how we are active participants in the past and the role and importance of history in contemporary life. This book, which contains ideas on which to base activities, will interest museum professionals concerned in strengthening their community.

EVANS, Jessica ; BOSWELL, David (ed.). Representing the Nation: a reader. Histories, heritage, museums. London, New York, Routledge, 1999. 488 p., ill. ISBN 0-415-20870-X.

This book gathers key contributions on how the nation is constructed and represented. What role do cultural institutions play in creating and shaping our sense of national identity and of belonging to a nation? With an international perspective, the contributors investigate whether cultural artefacts can represent individuals equally, as members of a given nation.

KAPLAN, Flora Edouwaye S. Museums and the making of "ourselves": the role of objects in national identity. London; New York, Leicester University Press, 1994. xi, 430 p., ill., bibl., index. ISBN: 0-7185-1775-X.

This volume presents 14 essays which constitute case studies from countries such as Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, Saudi Arabia, etc., and examine the role of museums in creating and maintaining cultural and national identity. Museums are social institutions and, as such, agents of social change. Thought-provoking questions, considered in the context of different possible responses and solutions, are the core of this work. Can a nation lose its culture? Do Pacific Islanders really want museums? What should one do with important religious, social, political objects when ideas and contexts change? Is the establishment of a museum the best solution? Who has the right to control and manage heritage? Who can speak for culture? Is democratisation of culture a good thing? Are museums too politically correct and on the path to Disneyland?

Specific topics

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Articles on the museum in Africa, Indonesia, New Caledonia and Canada.

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Updated: 30 September 2005