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Bibliography of ICOM Publications 1946-to date

International Organisations affiliated to ICOM / Organisations internationales affiliées / Organizaciones internacionales afiliadas:

AEOM - Association of European Open-Air Museums
IAMH - International Association of Museums of History MINOM - International Movement for a New Museology
AFRICOM - International Council of African Museums
IATM - International Association of Transport & Communications Museums PIMA - Pacific Islands Museums Association
AIMA - International Association of Agricultural Museums
ICAM - International Confederation of Architectural Museums SADCAMM - Southern Africa Development Community Association of Museums and Monuments
CAM - Commonwealth Association of Museums
ICMM - International Congress of Maritime Museums SIBMAS - International Society of Libraries & Museums of Performing Arts
IAMAM - International Association of Arms & Military History Museums
MAC - Museums Association of the Caribbean  

MINOM - International Movement for a New Museology

Congress Proceedings

2e atelier international 'Musées locaux, nouvelle muséologie', Lisbonne, novembre 1985 : actes = 2o atelier internacional 'Museus locais, nova museologia', Lisboa, novembro 1985 : actas / Mouvement international pour une nouvelle muséologie. - Lisboa : Impr. Associação de Estudantes da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa [pour] MINOM, 1986. - 49 p.

4o Taller Internacional de Nueva Museología = 4e Atelier international de nouvelle muséologie = 4th International Workshop of New Museology, 18-24 octubre 1987, Aragón, España / International Movement for a New Museology (MINOM). - [s.l.] : MINOM, 1987. - (Unpublished/Non publié)


Le bulletin du MINOM / Mouvement international pour une nouvelle muséologie = International Movement for a New Museology = Movimiento internacional para una nueva museología = Movimento internacional para uma nova museologia. - vol. 1, n 0, 1987 -> . - Québec : MINOM, 1987 ->

Updated: 12 January 2007