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Africom Activities 1991-1999

AFRICOM is a non-governmental, autonomous and pan-African organization of museums (NGO) created in october 1999 in Lusaka, Zambia.

Books published by ICOM within the framework of the AFRICOM programme

What Museums for Africa ? Heritage in the Future, Benin, Ghana, Togo, 18-23 November 1991 [Paris] : ICOM, 1992. 461 p., bibl. ISBN 92-9012-112-2

Directory of Museum Professionals in Africa 1993-1994 réd. par Pierre Bour. Dakar : ICOM, WAMP, 1993. 209 p., index. ISBN 92-9012-016-9.

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West African Museums Programme
11 Route de Front de Terre - VILLA n° 6, Dakar, BP 357 Sénégal
Tel. (221) 82 73 389/ 82 73 820 Fax (221) 82 73 369
Email: wamp@telecomplus.sn

Looting in Africa Updated reprint Paris : ICOM, 1997. IV-143 p., ill., photographs. ISBN 92-9012-036-3.

Autonomy of Museums in Africa Vincent Négri. Paris : ICOM, 1995. 170 p. ISBN 92-9012-222-6.

Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property in Africa Paris : ICOM, 1995. 263 p.
ISBN 92-9012-121-1.

Free of charge for ICOM Members

Handbook of Standards: Documenting African Collections éd. par Chédia Annabi, Marcel Betu Kumetsu, Valérie Chieze, [et al.]. Paris : ICOM, 1996, 65 p, ISBN 92-9012-029-0.

AFRICOM: ICOM's Programme for Museums in Africa. Paris. ICOM. 1997. Dépliant.

Fighting the Illicit Traffic in African Cultural Property.
Video, 12'. Director Patrick Ladoucette. Paris. ICOM. 1998.


Updated: 6 June 2005