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The International Affiliated Organisations

18 Specialist International Organisations are affiliated to ICOM. Their role is to bring together a particular type of museum or group of museums and / or museum professionals in a specific region.
Affiliated Organisations contribute to the development of ICOM's network of specialists.
Members of ICOM may ask to join an Affiliated Organisation.
Although they remain self-governing bodies, these organisations participate in some of ICOM's activities and are represented by their president at the ICOM Advisory Committee.
Any International Organisation whose membership is composed of at least two third of museums or museum professionals may become an Affiliated Organisation of ICOM.
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Calendar of activities
How to become an Affiliated Organisation

AEOM - Association of European Open-Air Museums
HO!I - Hands On! International Association of Children's Museums
ICMM - International Congress of Maritime Museums
AFRICOM - International Council of African Museums
IACM - International Association of Customs/Tax Museums MAC - Museums Association of Caribbean
AIMA - International Association of Agricultural Museums
IAMFA - International Association of Museum Facility Administrators MINOM - International Movement for a New Museology
AMOI - Association of Museums of the Indian Ocean IAMH - International Association of Museums of History PIMA - Pacific Islands Museums Association
CAM - Commonwealth Association of Museums
IATM - International Association of Transports and Communication Museums SADCAMM - Southern Africa Development Community Association of Museums and Monuments
EXARC - International Organisation of Archaeological Open Air Museums and Experimental Archaeology
ICAM - International Confederation of Architectural Museums SIBMAS - International Association of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts

Updated: 23 August 2010