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Decisions taken during the 65th Session of the Advisory Committee

1st October 2004 - Seoul, Korea

Welcome to several committees:
Members welcomed 13 new national committees formed since the last general conference and 8 new chairpersons of national committees, 1 new international committee chair and 1 from an affiliated organisation who joined the committee in Seoul.

  1. Agenda adopted with two additional items
    - ICOM Membership Online Directory (dropped in the reproduction)
    - Demonstration on ".museum", by Cary Karp ;

  2. 2001-2004 Triennial Report of the Advisory Committee

    The presentation was applauded by Advisory Committee members.

  3. The Minutes of the Advisory Committee (64th Session, June 2003, Paris, France) were adopted with two corrections made by Pavel Jirasek from ICMS

    - Item 10.1 of the Minutes : the information desk was established by the National Museum of Prague and not by the Department of Museums and Heritage of Czech Republic

    - Item 10.2. the cost of repairing the damage was estimated at 0,7 billion of Czech Republic crowns and not at 70 billion as indicated in the minutes

  4. Review of the Minutes of the Executive Council

    1. Advisory Committee took note without significant comment of the minutes of the 103rd Session, held in June, in 2003, in Paris (France)
    2. Advisory Committee took note without comment of the minutes of the 104th Session, December 2003, Paris (France)
    3. Advisory Committee took note of the Extraordinary Working Session, June 2004, Paris (France). No comments were offered, however, members ask for clarifications on the Online Membership Directory Project.

  5. General Conference and General Assembly
    1. Formal approval of the Conference Board:
      - Byung-mo Kim, Korea, Chairperson of the Conference Board
      - Chong-Pil Choe, Korea, Vice Chairperson of the Conference Board
      - Kidong Bae, Korea, Vice Chairperson of the Conference Board
      - Camila Gonzalez Gou, Spain, ICOM Treasurer
      - Gunther Dembski, Austria, Vice Chair, Advisory Committee
      - Jacques Perot, President of ICOM

      Members endorsed the candidates for the Conference Board.

    2. Nomination of the Resolutions Committee Members
      - Proposals were received from Russia, China, Korea, Cote d'Ivoire, and various members of the Advisory Committee including :
      - Galina Verdnikova, Russia
      - Chen Lian Ying, ICOM China
      - Jongsok Kim, Korea
      - Mamadou Coulibaly, Cote d'Ivoire

      Members supported the candidates identified to date.

    3. Nomination of the Programme Committee Members:
      - Yani Herreman, Vice President of ICOM
      - In Chang, Korea
      - Gunther Dembski, Austria
      - Dominique Ferriot, France
      - Hans Manneby, ICR
      - Lina Nagel, Chile
      - Agrita Ozola, Latvia
      - Nigel Sadler, MAC
      - Vitaly Remizov, Russia

      Members accepted all these Committees by acclamation. They will be formally approved during the Opening Ceremony on Sunday, 3rd October 2004

    4. Election procedure for 2004-2007 Executive Council [Günther Dembski, Election Officer]
      Gunther Dembski, Elections Officer (designated the official Election Officer as Alissandra Cummins is candidate to the 2004-2007 Executive Council) reported on the new election procedures adopted by the Executive Council, and reminded members that for the first time the General Assembly will be open during the General Conference to allow the establishment of a Bureau de vote throughout the Conference. The bureau de vote will be held from October 3, 4 and 5, from 13.30 to 18.30pm and on October 6, 2004 from 13.30 to 20.00 pm. The scrutineers will be In Chang (Korea), Knut Wik (Norway), Diana Pardue (USA) coordinated by Gunther Dembski, Election Officer and Eloisa Zell, ICOM Membership Officer.
      Gunther Dembski indicated that they will announce the result of the vote during the General Assembly on October 8, 2004.


  6. Intervention of the President of ICOM [Jacques Perot]

    The Advisory Committee welcomed the intervention of the President, Jacques Perot and his reflections on the need of the Organisation to develop more flexible working patterns and closer partnerships with cultural Heritage Organisations. He introduced John Zvereff as the incoming Secretary General and invited him to address the meeting.

  7. Report and adoption of financial documents [Camila Gonzalez Gou, Treasurer]

    - The 2003 Balance sheet was adopted by Advisory Committee. On the advice of the Treasurer, the Advisory decided to approve the fixing of the rate of exchange annually instead of every three years, as was the current practice.

    - The 2004 Budget was adopted by Advisory Committee. On the advice of the Secretary General, the Advisory decided that the budget will be updated and revised for the future meetings of the Advisory to reflect the real situation, and that it should be supported by the presentation of actual expenditure.

    - The draft 2004-2007 triennial budget was adopted with reservations since members indicated they could not support the proposed budget cuts, nor the reasons offered for this decision. The members decided to approve this budget as a provisional indicator, allowing the Treasurer greater flexibility to review the policies and the presentation of this budget by December 2004.
    Members appreciated the efforts of Camila Gonzalez Gou to improve the presentation of the financial statements and budget of ICOM.

  8. Appointment of the ICOM Auditor and the ICOM Auditor Substitute

    - François Bensa ICOM Auditor
    - Gérard Moitrier, ICOM Auditor Substitute
    The Advisory Committee approved the appointment of these two candidates.

  9. Secretary General's report 2001- 2004 [Manus Brinkman]
    This was approved based on the Triennial Report distributed to Members.

  10. Demonstration of the ICOM Membership On-line Directory [Eloisa Zell, Membership Officer]
    Members appreciated the progress made on the development of the Online Directory. However, they wished that the ICOM Secretariat further examine the possibility to allow broader accessibility to the information available, to develop list-serve capacity and to facilitate the National Committees ability to change and update the information as soon as it became available.

  11. Report on Emergency situations [Manus Brinkman]
    Members took note of the information provided by the Secretary General particularly in terms of the development of the MEP and the importance of the ICBS for international cooperation and its potential for the efficient implementation of international Conventions (E.g. Second Protocol of the Hague Convention).

  12. Reports on the implementation of ICOM 2004-2007 Strategic Plan

    - Report of the Ethics Committee
    Geoffrey Lewis presented the report of the Committee and the issues raised during the Ethics Committee meeting. He also presented the proposed changes to the ICOM Code of Ethics. These proposals were adopted by members who warmly thanked Geoffrey Lewis for this work and that of the committee's members.

    - Report on the revision of the ICOM Statutes [Ben Koevoets,]
    Ben Koevoets, presented a Report of the work done so far on the ICOM Statutes. Members advised that the Rules and the Statutes should be drafted together in conjunction with the French Model Statutes for "Association Loi 1901". Members of the Advisory Committee took note that a new Working Group on the Statutes will continue to work on this issue.
    Members thanked the Working Group for its efforts.

    - Report of the International Committees and Affiliated Organisations Task Force [Martin Schaerer, Chair]
    Members of the Advisory made comments on the Recommendations concerning the creation of Model Rules based on the 1901 French Law, that allowed International Committees to have their own identity, while remaining associated with ICOM. Members acknowledged the report and endorsed it in principle, recognizing that further amendments would be required before the document goes to the General Conference.
    The Advisory indicated its appreciation for the work of this committee.

    - Report of the National Committees and Regional Organisations Task Force [Gary Edson, Chair] Members of the Advisory took note of the Recommendations made by the Chairperson of the NCTF and gave their agreement for the continuation of the work of this Committee. Comments were offered on the necessity to more widely distribute the Rules of National Committees and to examine carefully the issue of free entrance with the ICOM card which causes difficulty for some independent museums.
    Gary Edson was thanked for the excellent work of this committee.

    - Report of the Working Group on the Use of languages [Giovanni Pinna, Chair] Members endorsed in principle the Report made by the Chairperson of the Working Group, but they recommended the need to undertake an in depth study of the financial implications of the recommendations made in the Report.
    Members acknowledged the important work of the Chairperson and his committee.

    - Report of the Nominations Committee [Knut Wik, Chair]
    Members approved the Report and agreed that the Committee's Pilot Phase will be extended until 2007. The recommendations were adopted on a vote but comments were offered concerning the composition of the Committee and the financial and other resources required, which would require further review. It was agreed these should be taken into account.
    The Advisory Committee thanked Knut Wik and his committee for the excellent work.

  13. Draft of a Revised Strategic Plan for the period 2004-2010: Proposals of the Programme Committee [Yani Herreman, Programme Committee Chair]

    Members appreciated the presentation of the Chairperson with respect to the changing environment of the Organisation and the need for ICOM to become a more pro-active agency with closer links with other International Agencies (e.g. World Tourism Association and International Bar Association). Members were invited to make any further recommendations to the Programme Committee during the course of the General Conference.
    Members expressed appreciation for Yani Herreman' s presentation.

  14. Election of the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee for 2004-2007
    Only one candidacy has been received. Gunther Dembski, was therefore elected by acclamation of the Members and was invited to address the meeting.

  15. Next meetings of the Advisory
    Content of the meetings and the theme for the Special Session 2005, were deferred to the next meeting to be held on Friday 8 October, in Seoul, Korea

  16. Other matters
    - Cary Karp was invited to make a presentation on the recent developments illustrating multi-lingual capacities of ".museum", which he felt will address some of the issues raised by the earlier discussions on the use of languages.

    - AFRICOM was welcomed as an Affiliated Organisation and its Secretary General Mrs Lorna Abungu, was invited to address the meeting.
    Members warmly thanked the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee for her work during the past six years.
    She received a standing ovation.


Updated: 7 June 2005