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Activity Report 1998 - 2001
The International Committees of ICOM
Activities of International Committees (continuation)


  • Chairperson: Mr. Ganga S. Rautela (India)
  • Secretary: Ms. Silvia Singer (Mexico)

Working groups: Publications.

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Interpreting Natural and Cultural Diversity" - 1999, 13-20 November, Rabat (Morocco): "The Role of the Museum Educator in Optimal Utilisation of Museum Activities" - 2000, 29 October-3 November, Christchurch (New Zealand): "Culture as a Commodity" with 152 representatives.

Exchange programmes with other National and International Committees or ICOM members: Joint meeting with ICEE, ICOM-CC and INTERCOM in Melbourne in October 1998. Conference on "The Education Function of Museums" was organised with ICOM in 1999. Joint meeting with IATM held from 14 to 19 November 1999 in India on "Museums in Education - Perspectives for New Century". Seminar held in India in 2000 on "Museums, Culture & Development" jointly with ICME and ASPAC.

Miscellaneous: A special session of CECA was held in Melbourne in 1998 and will be held in Barcelona (Spain) in July 2001. Inadequate funds to bring out ICOM Education and difficulty in reaching out its members due to high cost of postage. An email directory of ICOM members shall help to reduce these expenses.


  • Chairperson: Ms. Rita E. Freed (United States)
  • Secretary: Dr. Regine Schulz (Germany)

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Museums and Cultural Diversity: ancient cultures, new worlds" - 1999, 22-25 September, Morlanwelz (Belgium): Annual Meeting - 2000, 19-24 September, Bucharest (Romania): "New Installations, New Exhibitions. Museum Education".


  • Chairperson: Mr. Bjørn Rekdal (Norway)
  • Secretary: Mr. Harrie Leyten (The Netherlands)

Working groups: Multicultural Society, Illicit Traffic and repatriation.

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Cultural Diversity: Museums and the presentation of the Other. Repatriation" with the participation of 48 members of ICME as well as a fluctuating number of participants from the host country - 1999, 26 October-2 November, Mexico City (Mexico): "The Role of Ethnological Museums in the Multicultural Society" with 20 representatives from all over the world as well as a hundred of participants from Mexico (museum professionals and university students) - 2000, 16-21 May, Copenhagen (Denmark): "Diverse Trends in Ethnographic Exhibitions" with over 100 participants amongst whom 40 members of ICME.

Miscellaneous: Although attempts have been made to have the proceedings published, financial restraints prevented it. Nevertheless, short reports on each conference were published in the Committee newsletters.


  • Chairperson: Mr. Milton Bloch (United States)
  • Secretary: Ms Anne R. Gossett (United States)

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Marketplace of Ideas: travelling exhibitions" - 1999, 27-30 November, Montreal (Canada): "The languages of exhibitions: creating international standards for exhibition exchange".

Exchange programmes with other National and International Committees or ICOM members: Joint program with CECA, INTERCOM, ICMS and ICAMT.


  • Chairperson: Dr. Görel Cavalli-Bjorkman (Sweden)
  • Secretary: Dr. Catherine Johnston (Canada)

Working groups: Sculpture, Art around 1900.

Meetings: 1999, 9-11 June, Stockholm (Sweden): "Sculptures collections in Fine Arts Museums" - 2000, 14-17 September, Saint Petersburg (Russia).


  • Chairperson: Mr. J. Reino Liefkes (United Kingdom)
  • Secretary: Dr. Jutta Annette Page (United States)

Working groups: Glass Committee Website.

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Museums and Diversity: ancient cultures, new worlds" - 1999, 15-20 August, Växjo and Stockholm (Sweden): Annual Meeting with 43 representatives from Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States - 2000, 1-8 October, Passau (Germany): "Bohemian Glass, Past and Present: Glass-makers Without Frontiers".

Exchange programmes with other National and International Committees or ICOM members: In 1998, an official invitation was made to members of the ICOM Conservation Committee and several members have actively participated in ICOM Glass Committee conference held in Melbourne (Australia).

Miscellaneous: A Web site for the ICOM Glass Committee is currently in preparation.


  • Chairperson: Prof. Giovanni Pinna (Italy)
  • Secretary: Dtt. Rosanna Pavoni (Italy)

Working groups: Categorisation of Historic Houses, DEMHIST LAM (for Latin America as of November 2000).

Meetings: 1999, 28 June- 1 July, Saint Petersburg (Russia): 1st Annual meeting - 2000, February, Versailles (France): 2nd Annual meeting - 2000, 2-5 November, Genova (Italy): "Historic House-Museums speak to the Public: Spectacular Exhibits Versus Philological Interpretation of History".

Miscellaneous: In March 1999, opening of the DEMHIST web page hosted by the Balgatti Valsecchi Website. Election of the Board and adoption of DEMHIST Statutes during the 1st Annual meeting held inSaint-Petersburg (Russia). Announcement of the new elected Board to the members. Preparation of future annual meetings with general assemblies and conferences on crucial topics such as conservation and security. Development of DEMHIST for Latin America. Development of categorisation and translation/dissemination by members in their native tongues.


  • Chairperson: Mr. Janusz Odrowaz-Pieniazek (Poland)
  • Secretary: Mrs. Marianne Wirenfeldt Asmussen (Denmark)

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): 21st Annual meeting on "Museums and Cultural Diversity: social and political aspects" with the participation of 8 members of ICLM from Denmark, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden - 1999, 30 May-5 June, Tartu (Estonia): 22nd Annual meeting on "The exhibition as a work of art" with the participation of 35 persons from Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, The Netherlands - 2000, June, Paradis (Bergen) Norway: 23rd Annual meeting on "New Technology and the copyright dilemma" with 40 representatives from Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, .Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, The Netherlands.


  • Chairperson: Ms. Nancy Hushion (Canada)
  • Secretary: Mr. Llewellyn Gill (St. Lucia)

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Managing change in Museums" with approximately 50 participants - 2000, 13-17 February, Jerusalem (Israel): Strategic Planning Workshop with the participation of 35 persons from Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Norway, The Netherlands - 2000, 6-9 September, Ottawa (Canada): "Achieving Excellence: Museum Leadership in the 21st Century" with the participation of 150 representatives from 22 countries. Articles are being published in the Committee Newsletter and on the Web site.

Miscellaneous: Nancy Hushion, Chairperson of INTERCOM participated actively as a member of the ICOM Reform Task Force.


  • Chairperson: Mr. Grahame Ryan (Australia)
  • Secretary: Ms. Barbara Hope (United Kingdom)

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Marketing the Museum towards the New Millenium" with more than 100 participants - 1999, 25-28 September, Paris (France): "Marketing museums beyond the millennium" with the participation of 60 representatives - 2000, 17-22 September, Chiba-Tokyo (Japan): "Communicating Across Cultures-Museums 2000" with 36 participants.

Exchange programmes with other National and International Committees or ICOM members: Cooperative session at MPR'98 meeting with ICOM-CC on "Sustainability and Cultural Tourism". The ICOM Secretariat (Paris) co-hosted the MPR'99 meeting. Advertising and support of MPR 2000 meeting by the Japanese National Committee.

Miscellaneous: Preparation of MPR 2001 to be held in Barcelona (Spain) on "Sustainability through Communication".

Updated: 17 June 2005