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Activity Report 1998 - 2001
The International Committees
Activities of International Committees


  • Chairperson: Dr. Claude Gaier (Belgium)
  • Secretary: Mr. Jan Piet Puype (The Netherlands)

Meetings: 1998, 16-18 November, Paris (France): International Symposium "Painting World War 1914-1918" with 35 participants - 1999, 6-11 June, Prague (Czech Republic): XVth International Triennial Congress "Arms production and conflicts in Central Europe from XVth to XXth century" with 85 participants - 2000, 27 May-1 June, Saint-Petersburg (Russia): International Symposium "Military Music" with 40 participants.

Miscellaneous: Participation to the ICOM Triennial Programme through the affiliation to ICOM National Committees of members of ICOMAM Executive Council. In 1998 and 1999, the International Association of Military and Arms Museums (IAMAM) was an Affiliated Organisation of ICOM. In 2000, it officially became an International Committee (ICOMAM).


  • Chairperson: Mr. Jean-Yves Marin (France)
  • Secretary: Mr. Antoni Nicolau i Marti (Spain)

Working groups: Black slave trade, Code of ethics, Site and reconstitution museums, City museums.

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "History & Archaeology: What is the relationship between these two disciplines in a museological context?" with around 120 participants - 1999, 22-25 September, Mexico City (Mexico): "Perspectives of Archaeology and History Museums on the threshold of the 21st century" with about 80 participants - 2000, 10-20 October, Le Bardo (Tunisia): "The development of History and Archaeology Museums in Africa?" with around 60 persons.

Exchange programmes with other National and International Committees or ICOM members: In 1998, implementation of objectives 2 and 5 in collaboration with PIMA as well as objective 11.1. In 1999, implementation of objectives 1.2 and 4 with the National Committee of Mexico. In 2000, implementation of objective 8 with the National Committee of Tunisia as well as objective 11.3.

Miscellaneous: Proposition of a special programme for Israel and Palestine. Many Board members participated in international conferences. The publication of proceedings of annual congress is more and more difficult due to a lack of financial resources.


  • Chairperson: Mrs. Ersi Philippolou-Michailidou (Greece)
  • Secretary: Mr. Jules Verschuuren (The Netherlands)

Working groups: "Do's and Dont's", ICAMT's mission and procedures, Information leaflet, Documentation on ICAMT's History, Blue Shield.

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Designers working with Indigenous and Cultural Diverse Communities" - 1999, 16-21 November, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic): "Museums - Dinosaurs or Dynamos?"

Exchange programmes with other National and International Committees or ICOM members: In 2000, preparation with ICMS of the Annual meeting of ICMS. Miscellaneous: Regular participation in ICOM Advisory Committee meetings.


  • Chairperson: Mr. Jean-Marcel Humbert (France)
  • Secretary: Mr. Stephen A. H. Done (United Kingdom)

Working groups: Photography, Multimedia.

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Experiencing Culture: Using Technology to maintain Cultural Diversity" - 1999, 15-17 September, Montreal (Canada): FAIMP'99 and Annual meeting - 2000, November, Budapest (Hungary): "Relations Between Museums and Television. Film Conservation. Subjects of general interest".

Miscellaneous: Creation of AVICOM Website in September 1999. Publication of an AVICOM leaflet in November 2000.


  • Chairperson: Mr. David Grattan (Canada)
  • Secretary: Ms. Isabelle Verger (Italy)

Working groups: Preventive conservation, Education in Conservation, Theory, and History in Restoration, Scientific Methods of Examination, of Works of Art, Documentation, Painting I - Conservation and Restoration of Paintings, Paintings II - Scientific Study of paintings, Sculpture an polychromy, Mural painting, mosaic and rock art, Graphic documents, Photography records, Ethnographic collections, Wet Organic Archaeological materials, Textiles, Leather and Related Materials, Natural History Collections, Stone, Glass - Ceramics and Related Materials, Metals, Lacquer, Furniture and Wooden Objects (in abeyance), Resins: characterisation and evaluation, Modern Materials, Legal Issues (probationary).

Meetings: 1998, 13 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Tourism won't be sustained unless conservation programmes are maintained" - 1999, 29 August-6 September , Lyons-Paris (France): 12th Triennial meeting with more than 960 participants from all over the world - 2000, 18-20 October, Vic (Spain): Interim meeting of the Working Group on Conservation of Leathercrafts and Related Materials: "Leather as a Covering Material" - 2000, 13-14 November, Amsterdam (The Netherlands): "Archaeological Textiles".

Miscellaneous: Participation of ICOM-CC within the ICOM Reform Process. ICOM-CC has been an active participant and has developed its response through having its own special meeting. This took place in Rome at the ICCROM Headquarters in November 2000. As a result, ICOM-CC has developed a result oriented mission statement and a number of strategies for the future.


  • Chairperson: Ms. Mariliina Perkko (Finland)
  • Secretary: Miss Joanna Marschner (United Kingdom)

Working groups: Vocabulary of Basic Terms for the Cataloguing of Costume, Bibliography, Guidelines for Care and Handling of Costume.

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Tradition, Adaptation, Cross-Fertilisation" - 1999, 6-12 September, Athens-Nafplion (Greece): "The preparation of costume display" with 50 participants from 21 countries - 2000, 1-12 October, Lisbon (Portugal): " Costume Accessories from Head to Toe" with 62 participants from 22 countries.

Miscellaneous: Information about the Costume Committee can be consulted at the following address :


  • Chairperson: Mr. David McFadden (United States)
  • Secretary: Dr. Elisabeth Schmuttermeier (Austria)

Meetings: 1998, 23-29 May, Lisbon-Porto (Portugal): ICAA/ICOM-Portugal Workshop "Portugal, doors of Orient" with 63 participants from all over Europe, Costa Rica and United States - 1999, 6-12 November, London (United Kingdom): "What's the object? Museums of Applied Art re-appraised" with 81 representatives from all over Europe, Russia, United States and Australia - 2000, 13-20 October, New York (United States): "A mosaic of cultures" with 62 participants from all over Europe, Australia, Canada, Russia and Latvia.


  • Chairperson: Ms. Patricia Young (Canada)
  • Secretary: Ms. Lene Rold (Denmark)

Working groups: Documentation Standards, Archaeological Sites, Multimedia, Library and Information Centres, Ethno, Internet, Contemporary Art, Iconography.

Meetings: 1998, 12-14 October, Melbourne (Australia): "Documenting and Communicating Cultural and Natural Diversity" with 121 representatives from 32 countries - 1999, 6-10 September, London (United Kingdom): "Delivering diversity, promoting participation" with 323 representatives from 24 countries - 2000, 23-27 August, Ottawa (Canada): "Collaboration - Content - Convergence. Sharing Heritage Knowledge for the New Millennium" with 155 representatives from 24 countries.

Exchange programmes with other National and International Committees or ICOM members: Setting up of training assistance for the Nubia Museum in Egypt (Dr. Leonard Will) in 1999.

Miscellaneous: Implementation of objective 8 - to defend heritage in danger: several countries translated the CIDOC fact sheets to assist national documentation projects. Implementation of objective 9 - to promote ICOM Code of Professional Ethics: participated in the review and editing of this document. Implementation of objective 10 - to develop and encourage electronic communications within ICOM: put newsletters, working group minutes and publication on CIDOC Web site. Developed Web templates for future work. Encouraged the use of email for the Board and members as well as ICOM. Implementation of objective 11 - regional programmes: in Latin America, CIDOC assisted in the design of collections database ; in Asia-Pacific, CIDOC participated in the meeting on the protection of cultural heritage in Hanoi (Vietnam) from 9 to 13 April 2001 ; for ICOM-Arab, publication of a Cataloguing Handbook in Arabic version ; for Africa/AFRICOM, CIDOC set up a training programme for the Nubia Museum (Egypt) ; for Europe, the Archaeological Sites Working Group prepared Archaeological Standards which were accepted by the European Union ; for North America, CIDOC held a conference in 2000 in Canada with the support of ICOM-Canada National Committee.

Updated: 17 June 2005