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Our Global Vision - Strategic Plan 2008-2010

This section provides the context for the Strategic Plan 2008- 2010 and considers opportunities and challenges for ICOM

ICOM’s External Environment
Museums are recognised as integral partners in sustainable development, advocating a greater respect and understanding of the importance of heritage for source communities. Acknowledging cultural diversity forms the basis for developing strategies for the protection and promotion of heritage

Many societies are media driven and the Internet acts as a contributor to a more widespread understanding of museums

Museums play an important role in our changing society, particularly in the global cultural cross-fertilisation of urban and rural environments

Deteriorating living conditions worldwide have led to political and social upheaval, and insufficient commitment to the developing world at all levels, including limitations on global travel

The financial environment for museums is volatile, and museums need to understand and adapt to market realities

Global warming and the effects of climate change affect everyone

ICOM’s Internal Environment
Effective internal and external communications are in place, with an operational information platform

The ICOM Secretariat has undergone a structural review so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and all staff are now located in the same building

Partnerships with other natural and cultural heritage agencies are in place and there is increased flexibility in the use of human resource across ICOM's network

Diversifying and expanding revenue sources is a priority for the network

Some member countries may feel excluded from ICOM's work and there is a risk of tension developing between national and global interests

ICOM's increasing dependence on the web may not be in harmony with the lower priority given to web access in some parts of the world.

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Updated: 8 August 2007